Mini trend: Corset belts

I LOVE corsets, and often wear them when I go to alternative and goth clubs. The outside ones, I mean, not the foundation garment kind. There’s just something about the way they make your tummy disappear, slendify your waist, bustify your cleavage…

However, sometimes they just seem a little too over the top for some events – but I’ve noticed a trend in some fashion magazines that I think can bridge the gap.

The Corset Belt

Right now it’s too hot in Australia to contemplate…but let’s face it, we’re all tracking future trends and sometimes wishing it was autumn so we could wear some groovy fur or leather jackets and whatnot.

Here’s a few designer styles of corset belt to get you thinking.

Sass and Bide’s wide belt, Burberry or Alexander McQueen’s buckled belts:

Kiki de Montparnasse with it’s fabulously woven construction and metal busk, the ASOS knockoff, or Roland Mouret’s caged lattice belt:


Azzedine Alaia – punched, serrated, in ponyhair – every one’s a winner

Alexander Wang – there’s a version in fabric and one in leather:

But my main inspiration for this post is Haider Ackermann, whose Fall/Winter 2011 collection show featuring futuristic draped leather was amazing.  This one is available for $185 from The Corner.

He takes the corset belt to another level with the zippered belts that can be unzipped to fall in assymetric shapes. I’ve seen these in Harpers Bazaar Aust and think we’ll be seeing a lot more come Winter time.


The Fall/Winter 2011 show had such a beautifully dark aesthetic, with leather draped, zippered, belted (and Marilyn Manson soundtrack) – I just had to include it here:

But back to belts – I’ve found some affordable high street versions you may want to try:

Lulu & Rose Waist Belt $39.99 Glue at Westfield;                           Dotti wrap belt $19.99;                                              Seduce Frock Star belt $59.99

Topshop – 30 to 40GBP each


From Newport News come these 3, between $30 and $50

What do you think? Will you be wearing a wide belt, whether obi, corset or simply cincher style?


  1. These are great! I especially like the second one, black with lots of buckles. 🙂

  2. Ooh, these are all lovely! Loving the Ackermann collection; lush.

    You might also like Fleet Ilya ( – they do amazing things with leather, plus some great high-end couture bondage wear too! (Slightly nsfw website) 😉

  3. Love the one with the tassels!

  4. MY GOD, the McQueen belt. I have just died and gone to heaven.

    And I’ve had my eye on the Newport News tassel belt for a while. Just waiting in hopes that it’ll go on sale.

    I’m all OVER this. Granted, here in the U.S., it is PERFECT weather to take these belts out for a spin. Haven’t bought one yet. Perhaps with Christmas money…

    • Oh yes, the McQueen. I didn’t even notice at first how the clasps are the shape of coffins – can you see it? He always was so macabre, which I love (as a bit of a goth). And the Newport embroidered one reminds me a lot of Christopher Kane’s embroidered leather gear out now, only this is affordable!

  5. I love these. I have a gorgeous one from City Chic (a plus size store in Australia that actually has interesting clothes – some of it alt) that I bought on sale in August. I first wore it to roller derby in August and it has been a key part of my casual wardrobe ever since. Definitely gives me a great silhouette, and with the studs, black faux alligator skin finish and black metal hooks, it is my favourite accessory these days 🙂 If only I could wear it to work…. I find it works best with loose singlets and flowy tops. I wore it to the Metallica gig with a black blouse and black skirt and it looked damn sexy! I am definately a fan of this trend and am buying up as many of these as I can for future usage.

    • ooh, I wanna see pics of this studded belt of yours!! I do like faux alligator too 🙂 Yeah, I’m with you on the idea of buying up stuff we like that’s a bit alt when it happens to be in fashion, to be able to wear them even when others don’t anymore, just because we like the look 🙂 I’m kinda the same with platform shoes – buy them up to keep me over the lean years when (vom) flatties are in fashion again 😉

      • I always buy up in advance, because items I like tend to go out of mainstream fashion quite a lot. However, buying them from goth/punk/psychobilly/rockabilly/alt shops is a very expensive hobby. I tend to buy multiple colours and extra black items if I really love a design. This is especially the case if it is black lace or lacy – which a lot of my favourite clothes tend to be.

        I looked on facebook. I don’t have any good photos of it. I’ll try and remember to take a pic next time I am wearing it. Ironically, I was wearing it this time yesterday LOL

        • I am just going to say: Burberry, Kiki de Montparnasse, serrated Azzedine Alaia, and the middle Topshot one. I tend to go for black, leather, buckles, lacing and studs. I am so predictable in my tastes LOL I think the key to these is the shape too. If they are wide but don’t have a curved silhouette I am unlikely to be interested.

          I also love these:

          Actually, I need to stop looking solely at black. All these buckles are giving me ideas for my steampunk wardrobe…

  6. I love corset belts too and am happy they are a trend right now. I love the Burberry one you posted. I find that they can make a whole outfit pop.

    • Yes, they absolutely can!! That’s why I don’t mind spending a bit more on a good quality wide belt, like that Cue one I wore all through winter (in many of my outfit posts). I love that some of these have the whiff of bondage, or corsetry, without going all-the-way-goth.

  7. I like the Roland Mouret’s caged lattice and the one from the corner!

  8. Burberry, Asos and Topshop buckled one are definitely my favourite! I should get one with lots of buckles, I have too many simple belts, I’m going to be boring ;D

    Are you planning to buy more? Though it’s a trend I don’t see many around 🙁

    • Hehe, I also love lots of buckles – for that whiff of punk or rock-chick. I’m waiting to see whether it’ll filter down to high street shops here come Winter – admittedly, I’ve mainly seen them used in high-budget magazine editorials.

  9. I bought a simple shiny black corset belt some months ago and I wear it with almost everything.

    • I can understand that. There are classics, even for alternative types like us 😉 They might not be the ‘classics’ everyone else has in their wardrobe though 🙂

  10. My boyfriend bought me a corset belt about a year ago, and it’s become a staple in my wardrobe. It’s perfect for cinching the waist of billowy dresses, turning long skirts into strapless dresses and adding a hard edge to a plain tee. One of my friends liked it so much that I bought her a slightly pirate-y one for Christmas.

    • Yes, they can be so transformational 🙂 Was the belt from a store here in Oz, or online? Love all the platform shoes I see you wearing in your outfit posts, btw!


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