Midnight Mess, March 2010

Since I waffled on with my Kabukicho story last time, I thought I might just let the pics speak mostly for themselves.

After the hairdresser visit I gothed myself up for Midnight Mess, a club held monthly in the Shinjuku Marz.

Mini-bowler hat on headband – Closet Child, Japan
Striped jacket – Cue
Claw Collar – Surgeon-X
Studded bar top – Juliet in Stilettos
Corset – Gallery Serpentine
Striped high-waisted skirt – Peace Now, Japan
Faux-fur scarf – somewhere in Sydney
Lashes – Takuya Angel lashes
Angelic Lenses – Clearly Contacts

I’d not even got in the door when I spotted the lovely Yukiro
Soon after I ran into Jab and Suzanne, 2 funny and lovely people from Ireland who I’d met at Walpurgis the previous week. Of course he turned out to be best mates with an irish friend of mine in Sydney – small world. Spooky sclera lenses!
Fuschia and Hurley from the band Bella Lune likewise were really awesome people I’d met at Club Walpurgis, who were great to talk to.
They are originally from Arizona, as is Emery.
And there was the usual array of peeps who’d dressed up and made themselves up in spectacular fashion. This is Kenzo B – not his real name, but he always hangs with Kenzo A, the fashion designer I posted about a few weeks ago. I also snapped him in my Tokyo Decadance pics – he always looks spooky and cool 🙂
John, aka Count de Sang with a lovely lady.
G-sus is another new friend from this time around.
A cute lolita, whose name totally escapes me.
There were quite a few performances, though I missed a few by rocking up after midnight. But for me, it was all about chatting to people, and the occasional dance. Yes, things got messy,
as they always do.
I also met Sara Hochuli from Plastikhaar, on her 4th visit to Japan, co-incidently the same as me. Sara is a fake hair genius and has been a hair hero of mine for years. As I said to her, I have 2 Plastikhaar wigs, including the red one with the leopard print you’ll have seen me wear on this blog. (See her fab styled wigs here, and unstyled wigs here).  Alas, I didn’t get a picture with her, or Sisen. But I’ll be back; there’ll always be other times.

There’s more Tokyo gigging coming up, so do check back 🙂


  1. Good pics. I've seen some of these guys out and about!
    Hey, you're a good person to ask- where do you think I can buy unusual contact lenses in Tokyo?
    Probably somewhere in Harajuku/Shibuya/Shinjuku I'm guessing.

  2. Hey Chris, do you need prescription lenses (as I do), or plano? You can get bright coloured ones in Okadaya that have no prescription. I use http://www.clearlycontacts.com for mine and get them sent.

    I get assualted by flyers about contact lenses all the time in Shinjuku, but they're the boring kind, so I don't know local shops I'm afraid.

  3. No prescription, I'm afraid.
    I just want them for a horror video thing I'm making! I know plenty of people with contacts, though, so I can send them into the shop. Cheers!

  4. Just re-read and realized I don't need a prescription. Duh. Cool, I'll try Okadaya!

  5. Hey, I'd love to hear more about the horror video! My mates Jim & Yukiro have also been doing one at http://www.horrorhighschool.com

    The okadaya ones are just more-bright-than-usual blue, green, violet etc though…not spooky ones. Hmm…possibly Nude N Rude in Koenji might have some idea, as they're a good gothic shop.

  6. i love your blog! it was great meeting and chatting with you as well. cheers, fuchsia

  7. Hey Fuchsia! Lovely to hear from you, and thanks for reading 🙂