Malaysia Holiday itinerary

On Sunday night I fly to Melbourne to begin my next jaunt. After overnighting at an airport hotel, I fly on Monday to Kuala Lumpur.

I tell you, I’m struggling to decide where to stay! I loved Chinatown when I was last there several years ago. The street food, the night markets, the people everywhere…there was a real buzz about the place.

But should I stay there again? Or should I stay nearer Bukit Bintang, since I do want to go to the almighty Berjaya Times Square to visit the Gothic Lolita store i-socks, amongst many other stores? After all, in Bangkok now, I’ve had enough of Khao San Road and prefer to stay in Sukhumvit when I go.

But I do like a beer, and would love to find a pub or bar that plays rock music (as opposed to most venues that seem to play r&b; or lay down “phat beats” – euwww).  Maybe I have more chance of that in the Golden Triangle, with its multitude of nighlife options. I’m still researching, poring over various food and travel blogs – and I’ll let you know what I opt for! Do drop a comment if you have opinions or recommendations for KL.

Anyway, after a couple of days in KL I move on to Langkawi, and it’s my first visit there. I’ve virtually decided to stay on Pantai Tengah instead of Pantai Canang, as I don’t want to feel like a sardine, and want a bit of beachfront to myself. I’m looking forward to eating at the Matahari Malay restaurant.

Following that, it’s Penang to which I head – unless I discover the ferry is running to Ko Lipe, in which case I may well sun myself of that Thai island for a few days!

On the 19th I return to Melbourne, and on Friday 20th I’m seeing the band ‘Hanzel und Gretel’. I’m back in Sydney on Saturday the 21st and have no idea what I’m doing that night, but it will definitely involve drinking beers with my husband and friends.

I will certainly be posting pics of the food I encounter, the fashion purchases I make, urban sights, hopefully gorgeous beaches…and possibly humorous signs.

Now to finish packing and make sure I have everything I need…