Luxe Punk looks for less

I’m besotted with the new Burberry Prorsum range for 2011 with its motocross biker/punk looks. Chanelling the futurist trend by the use of silver, and beautiful detailing makes it look very luxe (as does the price tag!)

How I’d love a pair of the Silver Metallic Leather Trousers or the Leather Peplum Biker Jacket


and definitely the Studded Leather Biker Jacket

But back to silver leather pants, there’s also Balmain’s Silver Leather Leggings to obsess over. But my real guilty pleasure is the shiny Gareth Pugh slit metallic PVC trousers

So, very few of us can afford these, but here are a few more affordable pieces for those who love the punk aesthetic, from Charles of London

Black Drill and Silver Leather Biker Jacket

Black Velvet Holgraphic Sequin Biker Jacket and Black Leather Biker Jacket

And though it is different in style, I love this Union Jack Biker Jacket, with transfer on the back

I’ve seen it on a few kids in harajuku street fashion shots, along with some of the below tops and dresses.

Lightning Bolt Dress and Silver Lightning Bolt Dress

Or if you’re REALLY out there…

Claws Dress with Plastic Bag Skirt or Sick Dress

If you like pink with your punk, look no further than the Charles of London Leopard Strip Dress or the Mirror Zip Dress

For your bottom half, Miss Sixty has Silver Leggings, and Sass and Bide’s Silver Rats are still available too

Definitely for the flashy, these Metal Threads Star Pants will get you noticed (& can be ordered in silver). Or the Black 3D Stretch Vinyl Pants are also pretty hardcore.

Decadent Designz offers very cool Ruched Cyber Pants and PVC Cropped Jacket

And there are numerous biker jackets available in high street stores, in both vinyl (PU) and leather varieties.

Top Shop

and Miss Selfridge

Of course, you can always stud your own vest or jacket…with something like these spiked studs from ebay. For more inspiration of the studded variety, Nomi is a side project by the bods at Tokyo Telephone that will have you salivating.

Don’t forget op-shops, goodwill or thrift shops (depending on where you’re from as to what you call them!) Leather in particular can be very expensive new, but actually gets better with age. And since the advent of PVC, there are a lot of vegan jackets and pants out there that fit the bill without killing your conscience or your wallet. Just check out what the lining is made of, as synthetic materials don’t breathe and will have you all sweaty. 

Then there are the boots to match, but that’s a whole nother post…..


  1. I’m head-over-heels for that lightning bolt dress and the plastic bag dress. I once had a dream that I owned a dress made entirely of chocolate bar wrappers, and I think that dress would be the closest I will ever get to it in real life.

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! I’ll have to badger Samuel to update NOMI today, haha!

    I’m dribbling over everything you’d posted! Oooh, I do love a bit of luxury punk…. 😉

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog.