Look back in love

Instead of my usual fashion or travel related posts, I wanted to share a moment I had the other night.

I was at the Spandau Ballet gig in Sydney with my husband. Now, Spandau Ballet last played in Australia 25 years ago, when we were all way younger and prettier. As I watched one particular song, where they played the accompanying clip from all those years ago, I saw how gorgeous they all were, and how time has ravaged them all to some extent. But Tony Hadley’s voice still soared and was better than ever, and they all played so well.

It was a bittersweet reminder that while we all grow and mature internally (and that’s the good thing about getting older), none of us can escape our external features submitting to gravity and age.

But it was when “True” came on that I teared up. Yes, it was partly because I loved the song so much when I was young, and have never seen it played live before.

The big reason I cried though was that I found myself looking back at the 20 year old girl I was back then, riddled with insecurities, unhappy living at home, unsure how her life would go or if she would ever find love.

I looked back as an older sister to my younger self, put my arm around her and said,
“See?  It all worked out”.

How lovely it would have been to have known then what I know now.

I showed myself the wonderful life I would have 25 years from thence: the gorgeous, fantastic husband who loves me to bits, the top friends, the great apartment in a cool neighbourhood, the well-paying job, the creative pursuits, the awesome wardrobe of clothes and shoes, the frequent travelling, my health…everything that adds up to my life being so fulfilling.

It was a moment of great gravity, and of joy.

It all worked out in the end. Your life turned out better than you could have hoped or dreamed, (except you never did get into professional acting or musicals). You need not worry about your future, nor kick yourself when you make mistakes, nor feel dashed to bits when your boyfriend walks away, nor doubt that you’ll ever make a decent living, nor fret about ever having a nice place to live or friends or whatever else you think you now lack…

A great wave of thankfulness and contentedness washed over me, and I felt all was right with the world.

I guess I just want to say this to people who are now going through hard times –
This too will pass. These times are not forever. Walk towards the future with hope.

One day your older self will look back at you too, and tell you it was all OK.

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  1. Oh, thank you for your words. Even in the tough times, it does help to look at how far we've come. And of course, it's only when we've suffered that we can empathise with others' suffering, so it's a necessary thing in life.

    Here's to a brilliant new month of May coming soon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Leanne, I was there as well and when that song came up and those images went by I was thinking about what mine would look like if I was to go back 20 yrs. We all have choices and life is about making choices and taking risks which make us happy. I can see that you, like me are in a fabulous over 40 place of contentment.
    Here's to more exciting things!
    ps my fb pics have as many of those images as I could photograph from last night's concert!!

  3. Hey Sandra, glad to hear it!! We met you through Elan originally, didn't we? I'll go check out the piccies 🙂