Lime Crime make-up in peacock colours

Just as I change the colour of my hair a lot, I also change the colours of my make-up. Back in November last year I received my Lime Crime make-up, and promptly got to work using the delicious bright colours!

Seriously, Lime Crime has some of the brightest , most saturated eye and lip colours you’ll ever see. And for the clueless, or those just needing a bit of guidance, there are great make-up tutorials on  Xenia’s blog, the doedeereblogazine.

Anyways, as to what *I* have done with the colours. It’s bright, but I like to be a bit adventurous.

I used Lime Crime eyeshadows in Duchess (the aqua) on the inner and middle part of the lids, Empress (the purple) underneath my eyes and also just below the highlighter on the browbone, and Medusa (the navy/black) in the crease and on the outer lid, to create depth.  For added sparkle, I used a little bit of gold shimmer powder in the very inner eye corners from Red Earth (MS001).
I have very “shallow” eyes, and find that they look a lot bigger if I use a dark shadow in the crease. Additionally, now I’m in my forties, I have upper eyelids that droop a bit, meaning you can’t really see the colours on my lid that much, unless I’m looking down. Hence, to open up my eyes, I nearly always use a light coloured sparkly shadow in the inner eye. No matter what colours I use, I always stick to this practice of dark in the crease, light in the corner and on the lid.

The lipstick I used is “No, She Didn’t” by Lime Crime, with a little bit of outline from Bonne Bell’s Electric Blue pencil. I think a slightly darker blue suits me better, but new colours are being developed all the time, so maybe I’ll get my wish 🙂

And the final result, not so close-up.

Do you have non-negotiables in your make-up routine? Do you ever wear “weird” colours on your lips, or eyes? Or just at Halloween?


  1. I love changing make-up colors, but with lips I'll only occasionally go black or very dark purple if I want something different. I'd love to try mineral make-up like this!

  2. So pretty! I'm trying to experiment more and get my techniques better. I looove bright colours you're wearing!

  3. Hexotica – I have to admit I almost never wear black…but I wear purple lipstick a lot (not really dark but a vibrant colour)

    Violet – thanks! It could've done with fake lashes really..but I'm often running out the door with no time (I'm not as quick as you with lash application)

  4. LOL it kinda look like one of my makeups

  5. Heya! I happened to stumble upon your blog looking for a specific LimeCrime tutorial by Doe Deere. I must say i like people who are excentric – not mainstream. I really appreciate it when people dont do whatever is in fashion at the moment, when they have their opinion and taste.

    I looked at your other pics and i like them, but this kind of make up doesnt look all that nice. It makes you look like 50 (sorry!). The eyeshadow is too smudgy and shiny which makes you look older. I would suggest that if using that kind of makeup, watch out that the lines are either clear or softened (blended) and dont use too much of it! Your hair doesnt do you a favor either in this. It looks dry and partly washed out (the grey part). Try using special oil or conditioner with oil on your hair too make it look shiny and healthier :). Also you would rock grey hair! You are one of the few who could actually wear it. If your hair is nice and healthy it would look beyond awesome! Straight or curled – both would be pretty >/////<. Thick eyeliner and purple lipstick. Sorry im getting carried away :D. Orange hair or black hair also suits you well!

    Anyway i hope you didnt take it as an insult or as offense, i merely wanted to give you feedback and advice! I also sometimes mess up my makeup 😀 😀 😀

    • Hehe, I actually *am* almost 50!! Well, 49. And admittedly my hair was very damaged by bleaching at that point -what you see is not really grey, but the platinum hair toned a bit mauvey-silvery. I’ve been growing it out for years, and now it’s nearly all healthy virgin hair, with blue bits at the front. Not sure about the make-up advice – you say the make-up is too smudgy and then suggest it be blended – smudged and blended mean the same thing, surely? I don’t use shimmery make-up all that often; as you say, they can be really ageing, but for something different, I still feel the colours here are really pretty 🙂

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