Let’s talk about tights

So today the sun has finally come out in earnest, rendering today’s subject a little moot, but nonetheless, today I want to talk about tights.

I am a tight fanatic! I have multiple tights/stockings/leggings in skeleton designs, leopard print, stripe, harlequin-type diamond….but I don’t have any floral ones!! As any dolly kei girl will tell you, you need floral tights (or ones with angelly cherubs on them) to complete the look…and so I’ve gone searching. Of course, along the way I’ve just found some that are plain stunning, even if not floral.

Sister is an amazing rock-chick store in Shibuya, and they have a very cool range of tights here.

They don’t just come in blue, these; there’s reddish and khaki “Fall Victim” tights as well:


There are some spirally optical illusion tights called “She has 2 Sisters”, in pink & black:


as well as fantastic lace print ones called “Femme Fatale” – WANT these!


Oh and BTW, these are the tights being worn by the dolly kei girl in the grey fur in these pics:


The store is having a 70% of sale on 4th January too…if I have any money left after buying Fukubukuro on the 2nd & 3rd…I’m there!!
(Read the Sister blog here for more info on the brands and new releases)

Hands down my fave Australian tights designer is James from Black Milk. See my Black Milk posts here, here and here, for starters.  I have a couple of his skeleton tights, and though they’re now sold out, for the goths here’s the leg bone and little skulls tights:


And how fab are these Escher leggings (available on pre-order only – so order ’em fast!), and Great Wave leggings:


The houndstooth and tribute-to-Mcqueen abstract tights are also incredibly striking:


I wanna share his whole collection with you, it is that great, but will leave you with some of his flares, here in lace and velvet.


Seriously, check out the Black Milk range (he also does bodysuits and jackets), or see his blog Too Many Tights, for up and coming styles.

I have to confess that this next one comes to me from Susie of Style Bubble, who recently posted an outfit featuring the amazing “Cyclops” tights.

Les Queues de Sardines have quirky, fun tights in various colours & “out there” patterns, like human organs/entrails…




Heck, I haven’t even got to the floral dolly-kei tights I was originally gonna post, and this is getting a bit long  – so part 2 will be coming up soon!

What are your fave tights/leggings?


  1. The Escher tights! Granted, it’s only Tuesday evening, but that’s the coolest thing I’ve seen so far this week.

    I did get a really fun pair of green and pink floral Betsey Johnson tights recently. Haven’t worked them into any of my dolly kei-inspired getups yet, though. I’d say that my favorite tights are the floral-mesh pair I got at Target, and my very basic but oh-so-gothtastic black and white striped ones from Forever 21.

    Can’t wait to see the floral-tights pics. Also, I’ve asked Kjeld over at Japanese Streets where to find some of those tights heavy on the Catholic imagery I see on quite a few dolly kei girls. No dice. I’d love to just fly over and pick up a pair, but I’m about to revert to broke-college-student budget, so no can do.

    • Woah, that was quick!! I swear I found a US company that does amazing dolly-kei type tights. Will go have lunch now, then do part 2 of this series. I will keep a look out for you when I’m in Tokyo next week & see if I can find some Japanese ones for you, OK?

  2. Sweet! I’d spring for buying a pair or several online.

    heh, I just had particularly good timing checking my reading-list, I guess. Sadly, while it’s lunchtime where you are, it’s almost 1 am here. Which means I’m up past the ol’ bedtime. Again. Have a lovely rest of the day. I’ll be up and about to greet Wednesday in about 7 hours *lol*

  3. I absolutely adore those flared tights! They are very reminiscent of Janis Joplin’s style. I need a pair immediately.
    Tights are an underrated accessory. I have a huge collection of fabulous printed, coloured and textured tights, and they always add a pop to my outfits.

    • Oh yeah, I love the 70’s vibe coming through right now too 🙂 Gimme Charlies Angels high-waisted pants with flared bottoms any day over skinny jeans (which *cough* often don’t fit over my calves). I just bought a pair at Review recently, called Crosby (I guess they’re chanelling the 40’s too?)

      Tights always fit you, even on fat days…gotta love em.

  4. I love the femme fatale! :3

  5. Love the tights. Especially the cyclops. I have a friend who is going to try to make some tentacle ones.


  1. […] Yesterday I met up with Valere of Tokyo Arts Factory and we went on a waking tour of Shibuya. I really wanted to vst the store Sister (& ground floor store Candy), as mentioned in my cool tights blog post. […]