Leopard Outfit Post

Here’s another little outfit post showing what I wear to less formal events (ie not clubs).

I went to see Florence & the Machine the other night and she was absolutely stunning! Her voice is so strong, her range is great, she is so vivacious, passionate and at times, ferocious! I decided I needed to wear leopard.

Leopard shirt long sleeved shirt: had for years
Leopard/black blouse with ruffled collar: Shibuya (discount shop*)
Leopard print leggings: Shibuya (discount shop)
Wide patent leather belt: Cue
Black sleeveless knit vest/cardi: Magdalena Dumas, Newtown
Purple glitter ankle boots: Yosuke USA, Marui One, Shinjuku

Look ma! I got high heels!!
Erm, you may be tempted to surmise I took these when I got home from the event, and was slightly tipsy. I’m not confirming anything, mind…

*Yes, there ARE cheap places to buy clothes in Tokyo; you just move away from the big malls, check out the side streets, and especially if you have to go up or down stairs, you know you’re onto a winner. I followed some girls into this shop in Shibuya and found quite a few bargains, one being a cool vinyl biker jacket for something like $10-$20. The blouse and leggings were even less than that.


  1. I love how bold you are with your outfits! People probably never forget your face in your neighborhood!

  2. Oh, thank you!! I do get told stuff like I never look the same twice; look different each time etc. I just really love dressing up! Of course I have days when I throw on anything to go do the shopping, mind you, but I wouldn't post pics 🙂

  3. Looove this outfit 😀 Of course the leopard is always a winner in my books but your awesome poses totally make the outfit here!

  4. Hehe, I've been dying to try that "heels in the air" pose for a while now! The little head in the corner makes it way uncool though:)

  5. Loving this outfit another HUGE WIN girl!! Am currently drooling over your boots..purple..chunky….buckles..glittery delight OHHHHHHhhhhhhhh