Leopard dress at Newtown Station

Just a short one today – time for an outfit shot.  It’s my new fave Bebe dress, which I wore to my work’s Christmas Party dinner. Readers will have seen this on me before…but gasp! It’s not in my apartment but outdoors. I liked the way the railway tracks converge and how I have a train running into my head in the second picture, heh.

I choose to live near railway stations so I don’t have to rely on a car. Perhaps because I work in traffic and see the results each day of too many cars with single occupants in them, clogging the city’s arteries, I want to do my bit to alleviate this. It is also becoming obvious that it is kinder to the environment to use mass transit than personal transport. So I either take the train to/from work, or I walk (about 35 minutes). My husband cycles to/from work, and we mostly use public transport to get to social engagements, or taxis when that is more convenient.

We sometimes use a car-share system when we want a car for the afternoon – GoGet being the one of our choice. This means we don’t have to pay for the upkeep and insurance of a car, constantly find a park, etc etc.

Anyway, that’s enough of my personal transport philosophy. Back to the look.  It’s more of a natural make-up look with no false lashes and just a touch of glitter at the inner corners…but as always, I’m wearing my fave aqua G&G BT circle lenses!

The only problem was, after several pubs in the city, we could not get a cab to stop for love nor money, and went into Blink night-club to have a dance and a few more drinks. Everyone else was in indistrial, goth or metal gear – out of place much? I still had a really good time, but boy, was I the most vanilla looking one in the place.

What did you wear to your work’s Christmas do?


  1. i miss living in newtown.