Last day in Snooky. Paradise found.

I realised I hadn’t done the final post in my series on Sihanoukville – so here it is!

So our last day in Sihanoukville turned out to be the experience we were after in Snooky all along. And we found it a Otres Beach. Just look how close our bungalow was to the beach, as seen reflected in the window.

Having left our swanky bungalow at Serendipity on New Years Day, we  did have a half hour of trudging around to find our accom. Dom did the legwork and found us La Casa, which for us was almost perfect. I say “almost” as once we settled in, we saw it didn’t have a toilet. Nice one, Dom! There was a separate little room with a shower and sink, but for a loo we had to walk to a little block behind the bungalow. Small price to pay though.
We booked it through the owner’s wife, and later on this extremely inebriated Spaniard stumbled over and mumbled at us, but we couldn’t understand a word he was saying. It turns out he was the owner, and perpetually drunk. He seemed surprised the bungalow was occupied and we gestured at the booking office to indicate we’d paid. He eventually stumbled off, presumably to get another drink.
We settled back into the sunloungers by our bungalow to enjoy the view, contented.
When sunset hour approached, this time we didn’t have to go chase it. It came to us, as we lounged and waited for our dinner to arrive. Not the most spectacular one we’d seen, but it was fantastic to just sit by our bungalow, VERY close to the water, and take it all in.
See how close?
Later on we had a walk up the beach, and had a nice chat and some drinks at the Otres Shack . Go there – the owners are great!! They’re Brits too, and were incredibly helpful; the wife even rang around and booked us on a bus the next day when everything seemed sold out. And we weren’t even staying there. (I had to laugh when she asked if the owner of our place was drunk that day…ah, she knows the place well!)
This was what we came here for. The island was pretty spectacular and unspoiled, but finding Otres Beach on the mainland was a real godsend.
ARE still places to chill in Sihanoukville, and Otres is one of the best.