KIN clever marketing campaign aimed at social networkers

In a similar vein to my last post, I wanted to touch on the KIN phenomenon.

No, I don’t know heck about technology…but I think it’s a really clever marketing campaign that Microsoft has concocted here.

It is based around the question:


If you haven’t seen it, the story goes….

The KIN people send Rosa, armed with a KIN, around the US to visit her social network – that is, Facebook friends – to see what they are like in person.


There’s the Facebook sleaze…er, flirt, Matty Goldberg, Rosa’s ex, Rosa’s mum, the yoga instructor she’s never met in Honolulu…and that pretty much brings us up to now. Which ones does she hit it off with? Wish she’d left online? Embarrass her the most?

Have a look on the KIN Facebook page or YouTube to see.

Yes, I’m sure it’s a scripted “reality show”, but I like it anyway. The little bite sized snippets of people’s lives intersecting tickle me. The fact that it seems to have been designed with the social networker or blogger in mind, is interesting. Had I not just been given a nice new Nokia N97, I might be tempted.

For now, I’m waiting for episode 5…