Kera September 2010

I’m excited to get back to Tokyo and see the latest fashion magazines, too – like Kera! The September issue that I’ve had for quite a few weeks now, was very PINK and featured Neeko on the cover.

Now, I know that largely it’s full of young 20-ish things prancing around in out-there gear, but actually, there’s quite a lot of stuff in there that’s more streetwear oriented, that people like myself can wear. I can still get fashion clues and trends by looking – I just have to have slightly tunnel vision and focus on the clothes that are *MY* style and wearable for me. Like some of these below, modelled by Ayumi and Akira (who often dresses in a style similar to my punk look).

Then there’s the street fashion to inspire. Of course, it’s often models who feature in the mag anyway, as below, but I still love to see the snaps 🙂

There’s a lot more of the colourful fruitsy and fairy kei style, as well as a LOT of sweet lolita, hime and some gal – but like I said, you look at the fashion that inspires YOU, and there’s a lot to choose from. What are your fave fashion mags, in your home country or Japan?


  1. I like kera a lot! I love those punkxlolita outfits, or just punk! <3