Kamakura temples

Following on from our visit to the lovely coastal area of Kamakura kokomae, we jumped back on the train bound for Kamakura to see some revered temples (after a little jaunt down the shopping lanes).

Although it was getting a bit cold in the afternoon, the scene was still tranquil and beautiful…look at the blossoms just coming out on the right
Another one we had to access via what looked like a hellmouth…
If you wash your money in the water here, it’s believed the money will be blessed…so people squat down to wash their money in the chilly water.
It was lovely walking back as the sun set, through the tree-lined avenue with branches forming a canopy and the lanterns lighting the way.

There’s no doubt my photos aren’t all that (I got better ones at some different temples there last year). And can you tell, the first 4 were taken with my DSLR, and the rest with my little point and shoot? I think you can.

However, I hope you take the time if you go to Japan to visit Kamakura. It’s got a nice sense of peace about it. Or have you already been?

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