Japanese Street & Party Fashion sites Ridsnap & Filmdancer

For a little bit of Monday inspiration, thought I’d share a link to a great site of Japanese fashion happenings and trends – Ridsnap.

It’s broken down into sections so there’s Snap for street fashion, Movie forYouTube videos of the fashion (some with English subtitles, see below), and Party for pics of people partying.


I love the pics from the party on 17th July, KONYAWA TONIKAKU KAIMONOSHIMA SHOW by MAMY – so many lovelies partying at the Trump Room, such as the gorgeous Hitomi of Grimoire.

The beautiful Madame Yulia needs no introduction
There were pretty boys & couples too…

and even a bit of steampunk influence

You can also follow Ridsnap on twitter: http://twitter.com/ridsnap

Another site Filmdancer.com (run by Hikaru Suenaga) has similar features: a Streetsnap section, one for Scene happenings, Party photos, and topic and column sections, where you’ll see, for example, a glimpse of the latest Real Tokyo Fashion Magazine.

The streetsnap section is great, with all the Harajuku types you’d expect to see, like this couple influenced by Dolly Kei, and this Dolly/Mori girl:

The twitter is here: http://twitter.com/fd_hikaru

One final site to mention for upcoming events, as well as party pics after the event, is iflyerTV. It is mostly more mainstream music than the stuff I listen to, but there is the occasional punk & hardcore gig thrown in.

So go and have a surf – there are lots of fascinating pics and events to excite your little hearts. What are some of your fave websites for things cool and Japanese?


  1. Your blog is rock!!!
    I love japan

  2. Thanks Kelly! Have you been to Tokyo? I'm heading back there 2 weeks this Friday, so stay tuned for photos, Tokyo clubs, fashion, people, and assorted oddities 🙂

  3. This is great..I’m posting again, sorry! Haha. How many times have you been to Tokyo? Have you worked there at all? I’m wanting to live there for maybe a year or even more..I think after a year I’ll get the feel. I have met many of the same people as you and went to the shops. So cool! I’m going back next summer I think.

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