Japanese gothic brand OzzOn Japan; Ozz Croce; Ozz Angelo

Ozz On is one Japanese fashion label that doesn’t really get much press despite having over 30 stores. It is generally speaking a gothic brand, although there are sub-labels within that showcase various styles.

Ozzoneste – uses Japanese and Asian ethnic patterns, and appeals to sophisticated adult women

Ozz Croce – is darker, mixing dragon motifs with skulls, spiders and phoenix motifs. For the bold and the trendy.

Ozz Angelo has a romantic flourish, with lace, frills, European historical motifs, and drapey knitwear.

My favourite is Ozz Croce; I love how it fuses traditional oriental elements with modern gothic, even cyber elements. There is a definite colour palette – they use a lot of burgundies, as well as greys and silvers, and glue-grey-greens.

They also have a wide range of accessories, and I like their gothic jewellery. Actually, I think I may have the piece below; it could well be the multi-stranded necklace I used to make my punk Tom-Binns style safety pin necklace with skulls.





This season in Ozz Croce there’s a lot of tartan/plaid, as well as the use of military medallions (quite Korean gyaru I think, although with a definite nod to school uniforms and the Visual Kei band Abingdon Boys School)



While in Ozz Angelo there’s smart tailoring matched with flourishy embroidered details


They do shoes and bags, and other accessories as well.


I own a beautiful long fishtailed Ozz Croce skirt, seen below (and how I wore it to the Under The Blue Moon Gothic festival this year), and this is a Tokyo fashion haul post where I talk about it.


La Carmina also owns at least one Ozz Croce dress from Closet Child; she wore it the night I took her and the aussie TV crew to the Golden Gai, to my fave punk bar Hair of the Dogs.

So although it isn’t as well known as any other gothic brands, I encourage you to seek out some Ozz-On fashion when you’re next online or in Japan (OzzOn shop list is here). Have you heard of it before? Been to a store, or own any yourself?

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  1. Ah yes, I was recently in Japan and found one of their stores. Absolutely spectacular. I don’t suppose you know how to buy their products online? My Japanese is terribly limited and any help would be appreciated ^__^ My thanks!

  2. Why no links to their websites? Seriously I have been all over the place and cannot find anything…Please give them credit and post how you found them, maybe it’s gone? Any insight at all would be great!

    • You’re kidding, right?? What do you mean, no link? The link is in the VERY FIRST WORD of the article!!! The underlined, blue word Ozz On. Click on that & you go straight to the website. Simple really. SMH.

    • Aww Jesi, of course!! I was just being a grumpy bum cos you wrote “why no links?” when it was there at the start! Hope you found something you like anyway..I really like some of their stuff, even though they’re not that well known outside of Japan :)

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