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New York Fashion Week is descending upon us….

We had an amazing assortment of fashion & the business of blogging related submissions this week, but I wanted to get back to what LALM is about. The best of fashion!  From the controversy of Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga to breakthrough videos from brands and the industry, this week I wanted to get back to the heart and diversity of fashion blogging.  I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do!

February 10, 2010

  • 365 Fashion Rehab: Try before you buy! Beauty samples delivered to your front door and worth every penny.
  • Bubbling with Elegance & Grace: Is First Lady Michelle Obama too old and too large to wear a gorgeous Alexander McQueen red gown?
  • Debutante Clothing: Sandra of Debutante Clothing interviews vintage expert Doris Raymond of The Way We Wore regarding her sale, vintage trends and vintage lingerie.
  • Diversions: Quantum entangled outfit blogging: Tips for outfit bloggers at once behind and in front of the camera.
  • Dramatis Personae: Custom build clothes — and a 20% off discount!
  • Dressful: Vogue India promotes an extremely narrow standard of female beauty – only light skin is beautiful!
  • Fashion Pearls of Wisdom: Looking at celebrity branding from Danni Minogue to Jane Birkin
  • For Those About to Shop: In Praise of Older Women
  • FumikoKawa: Fashion Trend in Japan (February 2011)
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Business of Blogging: How Three Successful Bloggers Monetize their Blogs
  • Joanne Faith: Know Your Fabrics! A Guide to Wool, Cotton, Polyester, Viscose and Silk.
  • My Fashion Lust List: 19th Century Fashion Exhibition Report!
  • Notes from a Stylist: Fab accessories website www.runningwithheels.com launches new iPad issue.. a teccie fashionistas dream
  • Obsessive Coolness: You’re a fashionista but you live in Alabama – should you dress down to suit a small-town vibe?
  • Overseeing Fashion: What to wear to the theatre.
  • Soychild: What makes Lady Gaga so appealing and tips to learn from her!
  • Stylish3: The 10 Commandments of Online Shopping
  • Superstylin*: A Common Thread featuring contemporary label Threadware: The fashion industry itself is small and we are all bound by a common thread.
  • Tchaikovsky Darling: The Digital Mini Fashion Film Festival: A round up of the latest short films, campaign videos, and creative video-projects of the fashion industry.
  • Tickle Me Chic: Istanbul Fashion Week runway shows by designers Günseli Türkay and Mehtap Elaidi: Review and photos
  • Your Saving Style: Your Saving Guide to Wearing One Color

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