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I met ADAM LAMBERT in Harajuku!! — thefashionatetraveller.com

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I met ADAM LAMBERT in Harajuku!!


I was just walking down Omotesando when I spotted this dark clad figure with a few people around him with cameras. I look into his face and it’s OMIGOD-ADAM-FREAKNG-LAMBERT!!!!

Yes, I have a girly crush. Yes, that makes me a fag hag – whatever.

So, he’s posing, and I get out my big camera – the Nikon DX500

But it wouldn’t focus, not in auto-mode, nor as I tried to manually focus. SHIT!  So with trembling hands I grab my little Sony point n shoot.
And then I snapped the top pic, which is my favourite. There was a western lady n front of me and she asked for a photo with him, as she’d just taken one OF him. “Sure”, he says, “that makes more sense”.
So then we queue up to get a photo – well there was one asian lady in front of me. People meanwhile kept snapping. A westerner behind me says “is that…?” and I reply “YES! Adam Lambert!”
Then I say to Adam “you look great! And I loved your make-up the other day”.

“Oh, thank you,” he says, “….you mean with all the rhinestones?”

“Yeah”, I say and then addd “Mr Gaga!” (cos I know he’s a fan of hers).

He laughs and then says, “I really like your hair!”

Aww…. I can only say, “Thank you”.
And then just when it’s my turn to get a pic with him, his minder has a word and moves him off to the waiting van. He takes off his hat and I snap a final pic as they hurry him away.
“Don’t jostle the Chosen One” I almost said.
Be still my beating heart.
See here for a link to his Japanese interview.


  1. You were so lucky to see him 🙂

  2. omg u're so lucky!!! have u hug him? i really envy ppl in japan, they got the chance to see him without security baffling around him.

  3. How fun – thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Adam calls his girlfriends "fruit flies". Much sweeter than "fag hag". 😀

  4. omg lucky you.. he's GORGEOUS!!

  5. Wow! That was certainly a successful trip, IMO! Lucky, lucky traveler! You didn't even keel over (as I would of! Good job, and good pix, makes me second guess the Nikon I've been looking at, however. But imagine going overseas and running into AFL! Again, wow~!

  6. Whoaaaa!!! So jealous with you!! 🙂

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments! Yes, I coudn't believe my luck. And PHWOAR!! He's handsome. I went all wobbly.

    mysteriousFana – no, I didn't dare hug him! It was enough to stand 2 feet away and talk to him 🙂

    TheSpindleshay – I like fruitflies!! How funny!!

    RoRo – I really just haven't got used to the new Nikon yet – I must read the manual! If I've filmed something, it doesn't seem to snap back to auto focus properly when I just want to take a snap. Must find out why…

  8. Wow! Fantastic! Great pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. Love, love, love his outfit!

  9. Anonymous says

    Always a gentleman, kind and positive! Thanks for loving him abroad as much as we do in the states!

  10. Anonymous says

    You effin lucky person!!!!! I would just fall to my knees if I accidentally ran into him!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing. These were great!!!

  11. Terrific pics! So sorry you didn't get your chance to get one with him. Thanks so much for sharing this glimpse of Adam's quieter, moments in his travels that we don't often get to see.

    Absolutely adore his Fantasy Springs feathered and fedora look. I wonder if all his jackets have custom made cases for travel? =)

  12. Anonymous says

    Oh, you did a great job! Thanks for sharing with us. People around the world are really going to enjoy these photos! I saw him at Fantasy Springs, I love that he's in the feathers and fedora again! Sorry you didn't get your photo with him, though.

  13. I love your last comment . . . "Don't jostle the chosen one". I feel the same way! Luv your pictures and post. Thank you for sharing Adam with us!


  14. Mr Spotlite – he really was!! So kind & gentle, happy to have pics and chat..it was just he had other places to be, and his japanese PR person had to move him on 🙁

    Nina…yea, it was a bit surreal but good seeing him just as a person…gorgeous yes, but human sized, and not too up himself to chat 🙂

    Meg – you met him before?? Luucky! This was totally accidental…he was in Sydney for Mardi Gras I believe, but he would've been mobbed, so I'd never have met him there.

    Hehe, Frances…he really was quite beautiful.

    And yeah, that feahered jacket was amazing! Thanks everyone again for commenting. The whole thing made my day!

  15. Anonymous says

    fashionate traveller, (Love ur name, BTW.)Thank you for the pictures! I love them!!! How awesomely neat to just run into him like that and in that setting – WOW. And you remained in the upright and locked position! I commend you. *bows* I love all the things you wrote in the article, too! I think I would be skeeeered to be in a picture with him – he would totally outshine me!!! 🙂

    Meg, it's so cute how you say you've met him a few times – kind of in an off-handed way, like, oh yeah, I've met him a few times, and oh, BTW, he's the best. Yup, just another day in the life. Like it's so not even surprising. I know you didn't mean it that way, but it kind of came across to me like that, and I thought it was funny! Thanks for the laugh. Meeting him once would be phenomenal, but "a few times"?? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?? I'm totally jealous, girlfriend.

  16. aww u were so lucky to meet him!! ahaha really OMFG i love how he looks w that clothes :)!!!

    thanks 4 saring the pics w us 😀

  17. What a lucky, lucky, lucky… Lucky girl!!! 😉
    Oh! GORGEOUS, ADAM!!! luv ya, baby!!! 😉

  18. Tara(Team Glambert Japan) says

    WOOOW!!!Adam looks great with the hat and feather around his neck! I am happy he dressed himself up as much as he wanted while in japan.

    And you are very very lucky girl!
    Thank u for sharing♪

  19. i was at the VH1 taping. im the girl they zoom in on singing a few times 🙂 he actually referred to me as Feathers at the taping!! reason why i am SOOO jealous you got to see the feathers!! lol

    Anon… i didnt mean it that way. sorry if it came off that way!! oops. but at least i made you laugh right?! haha <3

  20. Oh Meg, I am DOUBLY jealous of you now! He MAY remember the girl with blue hair who called him Mr Gaga, but he actually called you Feathers!

  21. Anonymous says

    All right your girls, Meg and Fashionate Traveller, I'm jealous of you both!!!! Mr. Lambert looks fabulous in those pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks sooo young here, like he is in the early twentites. The sexiest person (man or woman) alive for me!!!! Love him to death!!!

  22. HOLY $%(%$&^ WOW of all places in the world you saw him in Harajuku, that's awesomesss 😀

  23. Adamology says

    As far as his jackets having there own travel cases…I seriously doubt that, since he has had that feathered jacket for years. There is a Zodiac youtube of him wearing it and he looks about 19/20. He looks adorable and I love that he feels so comfortable to dress in full glam while just strolling about town. SOOO cute!

  24. Adam is really good with remembering people, so there is a GREAT chance he will remember you!!! =D He is so awesome!

  25. Glendy – I know! I couldn't believe it either!!

    Adamology – I think he was there for the photo opportunity really..there was an official type photographer who took pics then we were allowed to take pics and talk to him (well, I did, anyway..) I don't think he was just there for the shopping..but lucky me, it meant he was stopped long enough to get pics 🙂

    Meg – I shall have to stalk him round the world now…muahahahaaa….