I got new hair extensions in Singapore!

Yes, I got long wavy hair extensions installed when I was in Singapore. Getting exte’s is a common thing for gyaru’s, but I’m  not really “gal”. The one time I had it done previously was in Australia, and for a LOT more. So, extes in Singapore.  I think it’s a rite of passage or something, like getting your hair braided in Bali (but hopefully more tasteful looking).

I researched and found that the main names coming up were Angel Xin, Vain, Milly’s, and H & C Carnival. In the end, I just trotted off to the Far East Plaza near Orchard Road, and took my chances.  On the 3rd floor there are various beauty salons, and I kept wandering past a few of them, eventually heading in to Vain Hair & Beauty. The main shop is seen below:

 …and the one I went into was just opposite, at shop 140

Vain Hair extensions Singapore

200 extensions would be $100, or 400 for $200. I ended up getting 400 (or so they told me). Although I still have a lot of blue hair, my roots and a good 6-8 inches are my natural dark brown, and so they matched the extes more or less to that. (I think they could’ve gone a little darker actually, but it’s ok). Here are the halfway and completed shots.


And from the front? I tried a few self-camera shots back in the hotel room:


I ended up trimming one of the sides that was hanging down longer at the front, but overall I’m pretty pleased with them. I think they look quite natural, being wavy, and now “I can haz mermaid hair”!  I feel very girly swishing the wavy wisps over my shoulder. So waddya reckon, eh?

Yeah…not bad!

I can see this will work very well when I wear gothic fashion or gyaru fashion…and definitely saves me time by not having to straighten my own hair. It looks better the wavier it is, blending in more with the wavy extensions. Even in humid weather as in KL, it looks good. I’m sold! If you’re ever in Singapore, go ye to the 3rd floor of the Far East Plaza and check it out:

Vain Beauty
Far East Plaza
No. 14 Scotts Rd
#03-113 or #03-140
Singapore  228213

What about you? Have you ever had long hair extensions installed, either at home, or overseas? Were you pleased with the results?


  1. ooh, love this look! might be a good solution for me – i’ve tried to perm my hair twice so far to achieve these waves but both times i’ve left the salon with straight hair! apparently my hair is too fine to hold curls, which is annoying. are extensions hard to take care of?

    • I did find last time that they got ratty on the ends after a month or so..think I had the last ones 3 months. You have to make sure you put conditiner on them when you wash your hair, and are supposed to plait them when you sleep or swim etc…but I haven’t so far!

      I’ll let you know how these ones go. Honestly, it seemed a Thai operation and I imagine theymight not use the top-grade hair, but it is fine enough that it looks like my hair. And yeah, the waves stay in which is lovely, as my own has a kink rather than a nice wave 😉 You should totally try it! I know it can be done here in KL too..I just hadn’t seen any reviews, & more girls seemed to go to Singapore to get it done.

      • Thanks leanne 😉 It sounds quite manageable – I’ll definitely investigate when I’m back in KL in September. Can’t wait! – totally been living vicariously thru you!

  2. Dear Trashtastika

    Your blog is great.
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  3. Dear Trashtastika

    Your blog is great.
    I just like to know, the t-shirt that you are wearing in the
    hair extensions in Singapore post.
    Where did you get it from?
    I would like to have one myself.

    Thank You.

    Keep Blogging.

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    P.S. Apologies for the double posting.

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  4. japanesetrends says

    Why not buying in Thailand, it’s a lot cheaper,, Singapore wholesalers buy it in Thailand actually.

    I bought mine in Thailand and it’s so cheap, try google Personal Shopper Bangkok, they buy anything you need in Thailand at the real price for a small fee..

  5. hey dear, how much did you pay for your hair extensions?
    yesterday i just did mine and it cost about $200, meaning that i had 400 strands in total.
    it definitely looked good, however when i visited my friends who had had hair extensions before, they simply wouldn’t believe that i have paid such a large amount for it
    as for 400 strands it is suppose to cover the whole head, and mine is merely a thin pony tail.
    yes, i have been cheated, thus i’m wondering if you had been too?


    • Hey Anj, I also paid $200 Singapore dollars, which was meant to be 400 pieces. I lost count as they were doing it, I have to admit, but the results you can see above – I was very happy with it! And it is MUCH cheaper than I can get it done here in Australia. Just yesterday I saw a salon here which advertised $200 for ONE ROW!!!

      I’m sorry to hear you got less than expected…where did you go to get yours done?

  6. Dear Trashtastika thx 4ur blog 🙂 ur extension is so nice (Liked)!!!! In ur blog u meantioned u’ve done research on names like”Angel xin” in city plaza? Is there any reason Y u din try angel instead u went far east,but of coz if not we wouldn’t be seeing u in ur pretty hair xtend,cos I nearly head towards city plaza but saw ur blog n now goin to far east instead.: p thksss!!

  7. Hair Manufacturer says

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    • Hi..I’m curious on these hair extension.. I’m here now in Singapore & may I ask how long it last the hair extension ?



      • Hi there, I had mine in for around 4 months actually. I had them trimmed to shoulder length so they looked more natural and fuller. By the end, admittedly the hair was dreading a bit at the roots, but I had no trouble taking them out and brushing the hair through. I can’t wait to get more!

  8. Hi there is this company vain hair extensions also a wholesaler of clip in extensions. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thanks maddy

  9. @trashtastika
    Hey I went to that Zenred Hair extensions place in Bangkok a few weeks back, they had 2 types of hair extensions there, one is the cheaper one which they call single drawn and they have a premium grade double drawn, the ones you mentioned for 8000 -10000 baht are the premium quality ones. I checked out the facebook fanpage for Zenred Extensions in Thailand and the reviews are genuine cos they asked me to write one before leaving the salon too.

    Apparently the Double drawn extensions can last 12 months or more (but you still need to go and get them readjusted every 4m) I checked them both out in the salon and in the end i went for the more expensive ones. I have had hair extensions a few times even in London, and after 4 months they were not worth keeping, they just look like a birds nest and take too much time to look after. These definitely feel a lot nicer, If they last 12 months then its worth it for me to pay the extra $100 cos i’ll save more.

  10. i came across your site about two weeks ago. i wanted to get my hair done in singapore as i happened to visit my boyfriend who is having a work trip there and decided to give it a try. i visited the shop you mentioned above and their staff barely speak proper english which makes it difficult for me to convey my message to them. after about 10 mins of explanation and getting what i want, i finally sat down for almost about 2 hours to get my hair done. At first it looks fantastic and amazing as the hair looks so nice and silky like those advertisement we always came across, but this happiness didn’t last longer than a week. when i trying to straighten it using a straightener, it had this plastic burning smell and my mum was screaming when she saw part of the hair looks melted and hurried accompanied me to the nearby hair salon in town to get it fixed. the hair salon which i always patronised told me that the hair are fake and not 100% real. real human don’t look perfect and shiny, they look like normal dry hair. i spent about SGD$200 and all gone to waste. i’m so sad and disappointed, felt like i got cheated and whats worse was they have lack of integrity and said it is real. when i compared the other shops who are doing hair extension too at the same level, their hair don’t look perfect and shiny. i guess they are having the real ones. shiny and silky are too good to be true. synthetic hair material are shiny and silky. do google and do your research. i paid a heavy lesson for this.

    • Actually I did my research, and the hair I got was most definitely human hair. I even kept most of the extensions, hoping to re-use them as the hair was so good! I intentionally bought wavy hair so I wouldn’t have to use curlers or straighteners on them, as I have wavy hair myself.

      I’m sorry you had this experience, but you have to remember it was 2 years ago when I was there, and there may be way different people or even a different owner by now. It’s always the luck of the draw when going to a new place. But certainly your post will serve as a remidner to people going now to really check what they are getting before they get it braided in!!

  11. girlbeauteshopping says

    Yes I really like this service and got deliveed the best quality natural hair !!!

  12. Wow….I did mine in vain beauty salon too in far east plaza Singapore. They’re good and very friendly… 3 ladies are there to help fixed my extensions. and the results? Voila! Gorgeous….it’s almost four months now and I’m planning to go back to Singapore and get my hair extensions done again. Vain hair and beauty salon in far east plaza Singapore are experts when it comes to hair extensions.Actually, there are two vain salon in far east plaza just the opposite side.

    • I’m pleased you got a good result!! Do you have pics posted anywhere so we could see? I was just in Singapore again the other week, and was so tempted to get extes done again…but have blonde hair with pale blue colour in, so it wouldn’t have matched!

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