Hippy me/global traveller look

Well I’m still working on the little cocktail hat – it takes longer for things to dry in the winter! So for now here’s a few pics, inspired by some of those exotic global traveller editorials that are around a lot now. Or as I like to call it – Hippy Me.

I haven’t yet seen SATC2 but I know some of the fashion is exotic Moroccan inspired (even if it is meant to be Abu Dhabi that they are in). I have always wanted to go to Morocco, and I have also loved India since I started going 25 years ago. I actually dug out a housedress I used to wear in India all those years ago, and decided to dress it up with some turquoise jewellery and my camel coloured fur gilet for an exotic look.

It’s fun to lounge around home in it, but I won’t be wearing it out any time soon.
Actually, the details and textures are more interesting than the whole.
I decided to drag out my mega amazing over-the-top necklace to see how it worked with the outfit.

But the necklace really needs something grander than that housedress…and I need a ball to wear it to. No time soon then…as I’m working all weekend including public holiday Monday, boohoo…

Are you getting into the global nomad look at all? Paisley flowing dresses, eastern jewellery etc? Or is it just too far removed from city chic to be really wearable except on holidays?


  1. oh..that necklace is divine! is the artist that made it called anna? she's a friend of a friend of mine…she's gorgeous…..

  2. Maybe? I bought it from secondhand a few years back but it was originally from a Melbourne label "Vicious Venus". If she does stuff for them then yes it is her work. They've gone all rockabilly now instead of goth, so the store's a bit different now.

  3. yes, it's hers then…..
    for the life of me i can't remember her surname but she's this gorgeous audrey hepburn type….i love those necklaces.
    vicious venus has gone very rockabilly…but now there's Visage 'n Vice and there's still Victorian Gothic….