Hangin’ in Hongdae

It’s about time I talk a bit about Seoul, and post a few pics. Where to start? I’ve hit a few major areas now and taken loads of snaps.

I’ll start with the area in which I’m living – Hongdae. It’s right near a couple of universities, so it’s very arty, studenty and social. There are a heap of very creative cool buildings, hip or funny cafes, bars and restaurants, bohemian and funky boutiques, and just lots and lots of young people. A little like Harajuku but without the alternative bent…you DON’T see anyone dressed much out of the ordinary here. I wore an orange skirt with a pink vinyl biker jacket and magenta/purple tights and scarf…and people took photos of ME!

Here are some pics for you (click on any to see it bigger):




Then there’s the establishments with funny names, ahem… (Fuckfake???!!)


And the novelty cafes such as Hello Kitty…


….and the Charlie Brown Cafe


I got a few pressies at this great little novelty store Artbox,  that sells things in pretty colours, again with a hello kitty etc bent..


And how about some of  the thought provoking and/or amusing graffiti?


There’s sooo much more to show you about Hongdae, but that’s enough for now. I highly recommend coming here if you visit Seoul, and even staying in the area itself.

Coming up:

* Creative buildings in Hongdae & Seoul
* An olde worlde Versailles/dolly kei type tea place in Hongdae
* The malls of Myeong-Dong
* Outfit pics and new purchases!
* Fab boutique accommodation in Hongdae
* Gig write-ups & pics (there’s a punk gig tonight, & a paddy punk & folk festival the next 2 nights, both in Hongdae)


  1. Hi, I’m so interested in your post about your holiday in Seoul & Myeongdong..
    Please post some more about there because I’m so interested about there..
    By the way, I’m Malaysian & I understand Korean Language..

    • I promise I will! Have heaps more info, pics etc to share 🙂 I’m so glad you posted your comment, as I wasn’t sure if people are interested in Korea like many are in Japan. Hey, btw, I found a Kopitiam in Seoul! So I had kaya toast and teh tarik…well, it may not have been pulled tea, but it was sweet & strong & a bit frothy 🙂

  2. I’m also interested in Japan but more to Korea.. So, is it same there teh tarik with Malaysia teh tarik??

    • Now, there is so many people are like South Korea because of their K-Pop music spreading all over the world..

      • That’s so true 🙂 Whereas I know about Korean rockabilly and punk but not K-Pop!

        Oh, the tea tarik wasn’t quite the same, and the kaya toast could’ve used more kaya /coconut spread…but it still was a nice reminder of one of my fave countries and cuisines 🙂 It’s in the area called E-dae – near the Ewha Womens University, if ever you go 🙂

  3. Hey I live in Asan. I was wondering if you know of any good goth/punk bars either in Hongdae or in Seoul? I’m looking for live music or just any kind of industrial club that isn’t Kpop…


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