Grimoire online shop open! Dolly Kei finds on ebay

Great news for Dolly Kei and Grimoire afficionados – the Grimoire online store was unveiled last week!

The English version isn’t operational as yet,  but you can always use Google translate for explanations of the items, and of course,  photos and prices are there , which are the main things you want to see. Be aware that there are often more than one page in each category, so use the scroll button.

 Dolly Kei finds on ebay

I’ve been on a bit of a Dolly Kei treasure hunt since I’ve got back, and I’ve found quite a few things on ebay – although they aren’t necessarily budget-friendly! I’ve broken them down into some of the different components of the fashion.


Eastern European Folk Clothing

This Polish Folk Costume is stunning – seller is Slavart

From the same seller comes this fabulous Polish Embroidered Folk Dress

One of my fave finds has to be this Red Velvet Turkish Jacket with gold embroidery

which very much echoes the long vest Hitomi wore back in June to the Grimoire anniversary party



Well, these are pretty dead easy to find; just search for curtain tassels. I found some interesting ones such as this large tassel, from World Wide Trims on ebay, as well as the large red  ribbon tassel tie-backs on the right.



Insects and Taxidermy

Often beetles and other insects are worn in little vials round the neck, or encased in resin as rings. Here’s a lovely little green beetle again from ebay. Next to it, some heart-shaped vials for around the neck, to put any other morbid little curiosities you might come across 🙂


One ubiquitous item in Dolly Kei is the fox stole, often with the little face still attached. While in Japan recently, I saw a lot of these available, even in craft shops for DIY projects. Even if they are vermin, I have a problem with fur-related items unless they are vintage. If an animal starts to be killed purely for fashion to fuel a trend, well…I’d rather not contribute to the continuance of that trend by wearing it.

SO, my alternative for DK is something like this faux fur fox wrap. Look ma, no face!


Patterned Stockings/Tights

Often you see Dolly Kei fashionistas wearing floral tights, and though they are usually coloured, I quite like these printed floral tights in grey and white. Even the darker black and pink floral tights could work with the right outfit.




This is where vintage really comes into its own. I saw a lot of hats like this red one below, in Grimoire and other Dolly Kei stores. They need to look a little lived in, with delicate vintage netting and little flowers. I wish I’d bought it before the auction ended! But I look on for more…

Have you found any amazing things on ebay or in thrift stores to contribute to a specialised type outfit, whether a lolita, dolly kei, fairy kei, or gothic look?


  1. I love this post! There are so many things I would like to try out here. Dolly Kei is really tempting me lately. The tights are fantastic especially!


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