Gothic stores in Shinjuku & Harajuku

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting, such is the hectic nature of my life and schedule here in Tokyo. I have a load of fantastic photos and stories but have not the time at present to do them justice as blog posts.

Until then, here are some pics of some gothic lolita stores for you to peruse.

Algonquins near Marui One is still there but is looking a litle spare:

I then discovered there’s a new Algonquins store in the subnade – great!! It’s air-conditioned and good for taking a peek on the way to the station.

There’s a pop up Hangry & Angry store at Studio Alta bringing a bit of goth to the otherwise gal-dominated building:

This is Putumayo on Harajuku St

and on Cat St

Now it’s off to my fave Punk Bar “Hair of the Dogs” n the Golden Gai. Tomorrow is a fashion event at Lumine Est involving the Grimoire and Virgin Mary girls, so there will be more Dolly Kei goodness coming our way.


  1. Algonquins & Putumayo for the win <3

    • Yeah, Hangry n Angry is really all about the dolls and little kitsch keychain ornaments. Cute, but the fashion itself not as interesting as naoto’s other lines.

  2. I love the Putumayo on Cat St! That’s where I got my awesome bunny watch 😀


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