Gothic Military outfit of the day; Takuya Angel; Kabukicho parties; leopard lenses

I had a packed Wednesday the week before last: first I met Hana of Finding Tokyo in Harajuku (post and pics of purikura coming up), then I visited Ryo at the Sexpot Revenge store (post and pics coming up), then I bought some gorgeous coats at Closet Child (post and pics…you get the message), visited Takuya Angel at his newly redesigned store, and then later met up with Takuya at a gig/party in Kabukicho.

To backtrack a little…the Takuya Angel store is now about half the size it was. You can enter it directly from the side stairs (and through a short corridor, knocking on the door to check it’s open), or through the rockabilly store in front. I didn’t take photos when I went as it really is quite small and there were 5 or 6 people in there, one of whom was trying on clothes and getting the others’ opinions.

Takuya said he was DJing at a friend’s party/gig in Kabukicho…just around the corner from my hotel, as it happened! He said he was playing til 10pm and we should go for drinks after. Cool!

I went home and chilled a bit, then threw on my Gallery Serpentine corset, my years-old Lip Service Jacket in the fabulous Napoleonic military style (one of my all time faves), along with some gothy make-up and my piercing blue leopard print contact lenses.

The jacket you can see best in the photo to the left, but below shows the lenses better. I got them from Colourvue.  I’ve also recently started wearing orange blush, as seen on some gyaru models – I like that it’s slightly unnatural, but still gives a healthy glow. The blusher is a very intense orange one I picked up at Okadaya – brand is Nyx – and I’ll write more on this and the dazzling range of coloured glitter shadows they offer.  The pinky-purple lipstick is Airborne Unicorn from Lime Crime (also one my my all time faves!)

There was such a cosy feel in my hotel room at Hotel Vintage, and you get that in this photo, I think. (BTW, I recommend this as a great place to stay in Shinjuku. The rooms aren’t big, but they are spotless, there’s a non-smoking floor, 24 hr reception, in-room LAN internet access, and it’s in the heart of Love Hotels and Host Clubs, Kabukicho).

After a short time of waiting outside Wizard 7 – a host club – and watching one of the boys practicing his ballroom dancing moves, I plucked up the courage to ask if they knew where the party with the DJ was. Next building – ah.

The event had had a number of bands playing, and I saw quite a few pretty alternative looking boys packing up drum kits and taking out guitar cases to their vans. Maybe I should have got there for the gig itself. Never mind :/

The event was a birthday party for an art director who was turning 29 – “you are YOUNG!” I told him, to his smiles. After all, I’m more than a decade past that date, and my life’s pretty good, so I knew not to be scared of hitting 30. He’s on my left, below.

To my delight, Mee was also there. She’s a friend of Takuya Angel’s who always wears his clothing (and who you saw in my post on celebrating Hanabi with Takuya Angel, although she had pink hair then). She’s a walking advertisement, you might say. She’s a lovely girl, although she has little English and I little Japanese. Seeing that her red Takuya bear claws matched my hair, she threw them around me for this pic:

And then a group shot by the bar was in order:

So if you drop by to say hi to a friend, you never know where you’ll end up that night! I dragged myself away around 1ish, as I was meeting Valerie of Tokyo Arts factory the next day, and visiting a heap of stores in Shibuya. But it was another colourful and unplanned night, as often happens in the great city that is Tokyo 🙂


  1. Seems like a fun night out! ;D

  2. Your makeup is so brilliantly striking, and the lenses really take the look to a whole new level. I love it!

  3. I LOVE those lenses! So striking and unexpected. Very fun. Looks like you had a great night out. You make me really want to travel. I can’t wait to see various parts of the world. 🙂

    • They ARE a bit different! Altho they don’t really look like leopard, just kind of speckled, like I might have ebola or something!!

      I thoroughly recommend travelling – just pick a place and start saving up. Once you have the ticket, it’s easier to focus and save the rest. Do it! It just makes me feel so alive…I don’t have to bungee jump or anything like that…just go diff places and meet new people 🙂

  4. I LOVE those bear claws! just give me a great idea for DIY project.
    And that amazing red hair with those intense glitter blue lenses rock!
    I’m curious though, why is ‘Hotel Vintage’ named that? Is there something particularly nostalgic about it?

    • Yeah – it’s a scarf really, with claws at each end…it would be dead easy to do…oncce you found/made the claws. Thanks for the compliment, lovely 🙂

      And no, Hotel Vintage is actually reasonably schmick & new…the Japanese often just pick English words they like the sound of, without regard for the meaning.

  5. That jacket is amazing! Love military style anything in non-usual military colors.
    Fantastic hair and make-up too!

    • It is, isn’t it? I think black & white is such a classic combo, and I love all the buttons. I’m not really big on khaki, tho I love military and napoleonic detailing. Thank you!