Gothic Lolita Cupcake Tea Party (just for fun)

At festive times like this, one sometimes dreams of a little ladylike affair such as a tea party.

Is there anything greater than cupcake love?

Hmm…but who can I invite to have tea with me?
Actually, I think I know just the person…
and I’ll make sure we have little cakes and tarts, all on a lovely stand.  Perhaps a maid to serve the tea…
Now, isn’t this nice? Earl Grey for you and English Breakfast for me.
We reminisced as I started to serve the cakes…
“Who’s that over there?” my friend asked, “isn’t that….”
I turned to see.
But I couldn’t see anyone I knew.
“oh, maybe not…”
“People have been maimed for less, you know!!”
I struggled within myself, running through a range of emotions..
But settled for really pissed off.
I suppose I should have served her first.
And there are other cakes I can eat.
And we are lolitas; we are LADIES.
We were just getting over that, when the bill came.
Models: myself and Darktower6; Tsuya as the maid
Photographer: Brendan Daniel

Victorian teahat with beaded trim: made my me

Skirts, blouses, ruffled jabot: Fan Plus Friend
My black brocade corset: Gallery Serpentine
Black and white spat boots: Raben Footwear
My silver lashes: Shu Uemura
My green contact lenses: Okadaya in Shinjuku

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  1. Hi!
    I love your photo shoot!

    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.