Gigs, festivals and a hectic social calendar

Haha, when I’m slow on the posting front, you can be sure I’m having a hectic social life, and this past week has been no different! Friday night was dinner with friends in Newtown at Peasants Feast, followed by cocktails at Kuleto’s, then beers at the Townie…
Saturday night was seeing the almighty AC/DC, supported by Wolfmother (who were also great). Then Sunday was the Soundwave Festival, with the likes of Faith No More, Jane’s Addiction, Eagles of Death Metal, Aquabats and many more. Monday night I worked and then last night (Tuesday night), we saw Orbital – what a fantastic show!
So it’s all left me with precious little time for thoughtful posting. I’m flat out recovering, frankly 🙂
But back to Saturday night, a few pics on the way to the stadium: 

I wore the Barbie circle lens in purple – I haven’t reviewed these yet,  but they were very comfortable.
And the band ACCA DACCA!!! I actually got tears in my eyes when the opening chords of “Back In Black” played. I’ve known this music since I was a teeny girl, yet it’s the first time I’ve seen them. They might be in their 50’s/60’s, but they still ROCK!!

The train prop was really stunning, especially with the smoke/steam coming out of it, and flames at times!
The giant Rosie not only sat on the train (yes, phallic symbols ahoy), she even tapped her foot and moved her shoulders to dance in time to the song – amazing, and very funny 🙂
All in all it was a SUPERB gig. I don’t go to stadium gigs much, and I forgot how exciting a big spectacle like this can be.  Next up is Prodigy next week. Our dance card is pretty full at the moment – and I love it.
It is one my fave things to do with my man – go to see bands we both love.  Yes, we do dinners and all of that, but there is something about experiencing exhilaration together that just makes us both glad to be alive, and glad to be together. Luckily we have very similar musical tastes, despite our 8 year age gap.
But I don’t want to come across as a “smug married” as Bridget Jones would say, so that’s it for now.