Funny strange or funny haha? Pics from Japan

Looking back through my Japan pictures, I found a few amusing ones from Shinjuku & Koenji that don’t really fit into a post. Here is my Sunday night chuckle spot.

A bit of wall motivation for the dispirited pedestrian on the way to work, perhaps

(or is it advising you to ditch your little ones if you want to get ahead?)
Yum, I think I’ll have what this next place is selling – it’s described so eloquently…
Is this a Doggie Welfare organisation? I looked up and laughed at this supreme cuteness in the midst of the urban jungle. It’s in Koenji (around the corner from punk store Nude n Rude)


  1. Anonymous says

    I think that first picture is a take on the tortise vs. hare fable?


  2. Yes, I'm sure it is!

  3. Anonymous says

    Yeh, sorry, I'm a bit thick and didn't realised you'd basically said that in your post!