Fuck yeah, orange!

It’s no secret that I’m currently potty about orange. I’ve been sporting bright orange hair for weeks, and after a visit to my hairdresser now have a new short fringe with red and some dark plum running through the back here and there too.  I also have bright orange nails, and just had to throw on an orange themed outfit with orange toned make-up for a club on Saturday night, Ascension:

orange gothic hair

Corset with orange PVD detailing: Lip Service USA
Skirt with metal studding: Elvis 4 Cleo, Newtown
Necklace: Tree of Life, Newtown

I’ll do a make-up tutorial with products used tomorrow.

The following day I toned down the make-up a little for a visit to the Rock & Roll Markets in Tempe:

Raven skull silver necklace: Billy Blue
Striped skirt with pleating: Black Peace Now
Silver & black brogue heels: Urban Edge

The fringe will be a little longer for when I go to Japan next month, but I don’t mind it this short – it makes it easier to stay in place in Sydney’s humid weather! Just hairspray and go 🙂 What do you think?


  1. OK….. LOVE!

  2. I LOVE the hair! That color is just… WOW <3 Man… if I wasn't worried about my job I'd be rocking that color in no time, lol.

    Looking forward to a make-up post. I'm gonna have to go hunting for that lip color~

    • Thank you!! The lippy in the top pic is a new matt one by Innoxa, in Tangerine, with lipliner by Prestige in Poppy colour. The second one has a nude lippy layered over to make it more subtle 🙂

  3. I love that second outfit!

    • Thanks so much. It did have a great striped jacket with big Balmain shoulders that kinda made the outfit…but it was just too hot that day at 30 degrees celsius :/

  4. Orange hair suits you so well! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else rock orange quite as good as you – both outfits are divine.

  5. To be honest, it’s too orange for me.
    I like your shoes though :3

  6. Yes, Yes, Yes!
    Orange hair and black and white striped skirt – a girl after my own heart!
    I’m hoping to go from black to orange in March – can’t wait!


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