Fashion’s Night out in Tokyo

I neglected to post this back in September but Fashion’s Night Out in Tokyo is one event I really wish I’d stayed on for!

It was held predominantly at Omotesando Hills in Harajuku, and surrounding areas. Vogue Nippon collaborated with artist Takashi Murakami to produce a range of limited edition t-shirts and bags, the sale of which would raise funds for charity.  There was even a character created just for the event – Pom-chan – based on the artist’s dog (awww…)

Last year, 217 stores participated, and got a whopping 55,000 visitors. This year saw 350 stores participate: not only high-end brands but also high-street brands. From 5.30 til 11.30pm, lucky shoppers could browse (or shuffle, such was the crush!), and take advantage of sales, freebies, and makeovers whilst keeping an eye out for celebs.

Not only in the Omotesando Hills complex, the night spread out across Harajuku and Aoyama, with strange men on stilts seen wobbling outside the entrance to La Foret (and stuffed safari animals inside!), and real models frozen in position in shop windows as if they were mannequins (see pics below). 

At Gucci Aoyama, Editor in Chief of Vogue Nippon visited the store to discuss Fall & Winter trends, and show the Gucci F/W collection to VIP customers. 8 limited edition handbags were also made especially for Gucci Aoyama and its VIP’s.

A brief rundown:

WHO :  Ai Tominaga
     Maiko Sakai(2010 MISS UNIVERSE JAPAN)
     Chris Peppler
     …and MORE!!!

WHERE : Omotesando Hills, Main Building

WHEN :  Opening Ceremony  17:30-18:00
     Shopping Time    18:00-23:00
     Closing Ceremony  23:00-23:30

Since I wasn’t there, I will just compile the info and share links to some blogs for you to see more pics and read further. Such as:


Here he is with Yoon, Mademoiselle Yulia and Toko, all DJ’s on the night. Love the fashion and accessories!

Look how many people squashed in to every level to watch the proceedings.

The Sungirl Says




The beautiful Tominaga Ai (above) hosted.



There’s a nice overview of proceedings in this video from TokioDylan, as well as some of the La Foret festivities:  

Fashions Night Out, Tokyo

Maybe next year….


  1. lol gr8 minds think alike. i wanted to blog about this back in sept after seeing it advertised in vogue nippon but had soo much trouble finding enough info and pix of it. xxx me and violet were discussing how awesome u r last nite 🙂

    • Aww *blushes* Were you chatting on gmail? Yeah, re: the event, it’s often easier a few weeks later to get pics and info. I’d wanted to do an outfit post tonight, but am at work and the photos were on my pc at home, so I had to quickly compile a post! It’s there for posterity now, even if not very topical 🙂

  2. I like the blue hair? XD
    Looks cool! ^^

    • I know!! Makes me wish I had mine back – but I’ve just gone bright red!

      • Quite the opposite(sp?)!

        I still don’t get a reply notice >.>

        I added you to my blogroll, so your blog is clickable from my blog! And I have posted another article about steampunk!

        • Heya! I added a widget, so you just have to check the little box to get notified of comments. I just tried it myself (logging out so as to be like any other reader) and it’s definitely there. Just remember to tick the box before replying. I’ll go look at that article now 🙂


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