Fabulous platform shoes & boots from Yosuke USA (in Japan)

The best place for gothic shoes and boots in Tokyo has to be Yosuke USA.  I often get asked about my footwear – and it is nearly always boots or shoes from this brand that I am wearing at the time.

These boots below are quite similar to a pair I’ve been rocking lately.

If you like brogue type platforms in black and white like I do, you’ll love some of these latest styles.

or if double buckles are your thing…
Prefer sharper toes and heels? They’re like creepers but more ladylike
How about skull encrusted silver boots?

Ankle boots with detachable skulls, chains and bows?

Engineer boots with German crosses, studs and chains
Super high platforms like Swear
or sweet pastel boots for the lolitas
and even rocking horse shoes

The best selection and variety is to be found on the Japanese websites Rakuten and the Kera shop, but they don’t ship internationally.  This English Rakuten site does.  And Marui One does: see the Yosuke USA section in their webstore.

If you want to see more, there is this post on shopping in Shinjuku for pics in the Marui One store itself.  I hope that’s whetted your appetite! There’s a sale on right now, so I’m mighty tempted myself…


  1. The ankle boots are awesome. Thanks for posting links to sites that ship internationally.

  2. There's something for everyone at that label. It's one reason I keep going back to Tokyo! Hope you find something you like and can have shipped 🙂

  3. the pink pastel boots are super gorgeous… I would be mega tall in them tho….

  4. I'm dribbling over those creeper-style shoes! 😮

  5. Love the black & white shoes from the second image!! and the last ones *-*
    I don't wear those kind of boots, but I have a friend who does and they're really heeavy xDDD I always tell him they must be good for making some exercise without going to the gym ;p

    thank you for the photos and the information! *-*

  6. Wow! This shoes are really beautiful. I especially like the pair with laces!

  7. Spooky Dolly – is being tall a bad thing?? I'm short, and so naturally drawn to platforms 🙂

    Rebecca – I know! best of both worlds – cool and feminine 🙂

    Ouki – yeah, I love those brogue types with the laces too. Some platforms are quite light; it depends on what the soles are made of, I reckon. But yeah, some defo are heavy, and give your legs a workout!

    Lilian – yes, they are nice. There actually are more feminine sweet styles as well, but I'm a sucker for platforms!

  8. jekki 13 says

    oooh i love these shoes as of this second. these sort of blogs inspire me to make my own. thanku for awesome pix and stuff <3

  9. fiend4life says

    i absolutely am in love with the creeper styled high heels!!! i went to the website posted here but it closed down last year! does anyone know where i can possibly get some?? i am DYING to buy some!

  10. where can i get the lady like creepers?