Fabulous food in Kuala Lumpur

So it’s time to catalogue some of the tremendous meals I’ve been having in Malaysia, in case anyone else likes Malaysian food and may even venture over.

I already mentioned the great curry noodles I had in Cafe Kopitiam in the Pavilion (my new fave KL mall), and the fab satay and kway teow on Jalan Alor. The night after I ventured out to little India (and yes I got a little lost). I found a groovy little night market eatery that again was kind of open air in that it had no real walls; it was like an outdoors food court of Malay, Indian and Chinese food. The place I chose had a woman running it, and females eating there. You don’t always want to be stared at by a bunch of men, and the stall to the right had a bunch of Indian men doing just that.

Above is a pic of the place, and as I’d resolved to have something new, I looked up and saw ‘Mee Kung Foo’ – and ordered it. My, was it delish. Seafood, fresh veg, really crispy fried shallots and a lovely mild sauce like chow mein.

In my last 24 hours in KL I went back to the Golden Triangle/Bukit Bintang area. For my last dinner there I returned to Jalan Alor, and sat at the stall next to the original one I ate at, called Yan’s. Yes, I had satay again, and also had a noodle dish that wasn’t kway teow but was very yum. It had prawns, chicken and squid in it and I admit I picked out the green chilli.

I had lunch at a place in front of the Bukit Bintang Plaza, called BB’s Bistro – there was a place nearby called Restoran Kitaro I was looking at, but all the tables were full!. Anyway, I had a spicy soup dish with noodles, egg, tofu, chicken etc which was so nice that I wasn’t going to eat it all initially but i did 🙂 I had a lovely teh tarik also (which is strong, sweet milky tea that’s been poured from a great height back and forth til its frothy).

So next day for brekkie I went to Restoran Kitaro and had a delicious Roti Canai and Teh Tarik (yes, I AM addicted to TT).

More to come…