Exciting new Tokyo bar – the Decadance Bar!

Lacking colour in your life??
Now there’s a place you can go…and it’s not ‘Cheers’.

Last week a very cool bar opened in Tokyo – the Decadance Bar!!!

OK, no surprises for guessing this is affiliated with the amazing Tokyo Decadance club…and is therefore in the Christon Cafe, Shinjuku.

Courtesy of DJ Sisen, G-suS, and the Decadance Bar blog, we have lots of info about this exciting event.
Instead of waiting once a month for the Decadance party, you now can go ANY NIGHT OF THE WEEK!!  A-a-a-a-a-a-a-n-n-n-d…your fave Decadance celebs are there tending bar for you! (even Adrien will be there – swooon) So you can stalk themogle Coco…er, chat with them 🙂
Monday: 6PM – 11PM (CoCo)

Tuesday: 6PM – 11PM (Poruko)
Wednesday: 6PM – 11PM (SiSeN)
Thursday: 6PM – 4AM (Poruko)
Friday: 6PM – 4AM (SiSeN)
Saturday: 11PM – 4AM (Poruko)
Sunday: 6PM – 11PM (SiSeN)

1 Drink costs 500yen (1 Ticket). The food menu varies.
You can buy two different types of “Ticket Packages”:
2 Tickets for -> 1000 yen, or
7 Tickets for -> 3000 yen! (Cheap for Japan’s standards!)

Just look at the yummy drinks on the menu! There’s Chuhai for the hardcore, or shouchu for me.

As for what you can expect there, in Sisen’s words..

The atmosphere of the Bar is mysterious…and magical. You can enjoy delicious drinks & food, play some cool videogames, watch movies, dress up in costumes…Just a place to ENJOY and have FUN, for EVERYONE!

This will definitely become a venue for visiting gaijin, a tick on their must-do list, along with seeing cosplayers on the bridge at Harajuku, and Elvises in the park.

It’s great for those of us who love to dress up, cos now we can go to a place anytime, and not feel like freaks!! It’s in a great central place…and just around the corner from the Golden Gai, which is one of my fave drinking areas in Shinjuku.  The bar is on level 9 of the building, with entry on level 8.

Check out the many pictures on the blog to get an idea of the atmosphere, but here’s a few:

Hula hooping competitions and hot chicks!

Wanna be served by a Stepford Wife?
Look at those tongues!
There’s a definite blue theme going on here….I like it! Check out the dessert!!
G-suS and Sisen getting down
Does my bow look big in this?
and the whole gang together
(All pics taken from the blog)

I’ve always enjoyed the colour and creativity of the TD parties – the photo in my banner was actually taken at the Tokyo Decadance Halloween Party last year. This bar likewise is obviously a fun place to be, and I know I’ll be there first night I’m back in Tokyo. 

Put it on your itinerary too!


  1. very cool serie, stéphane of http://www.luxe-et-vanites.blogspot.com (if you like the site gallery, share it, leave a comment…or why not ? be a follower !)

  2. great job 😉


  3. Stephane – I did see your blog, and really like it! Very unusual dark images, and poems/text to accompany – quite original 🙂

    G-suS – thanks again for letting me know about it! Would love to come before September but schedule doesn't permit. Will let you know as soon as my ticket is booked!

  4. Are these nights of the week still valid?


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