Esperanza and R & E Shoes 2011

Since I featured Randa yesterday, I thought it only fair to check out some of the other big shoe labels in Japan.


The cut-out heels we’ve seen elsewhere have made their way into the collection, and I especially like the tie-dye and metallic silver boots here:


Unusual platforms are also to be found in the sandal section – it seems the footwear designers have adapted some quirky elements from couture shoes into their high street lines. I adore these anything-but-boring floral platforms with the fabric extrending down the heel:


The fringing seen in the wild-western clothing trend has also surfaced in the boots – my faves are the blue suede. One – because I love bright colour, and two – because everyone needs to own a pair of “blue suede shoes”!


Some boots have been opened up to make them cool enough for the warmer months. The floral tapestry style would go really well with Dolly Kei or girly gyaru outfits:

Goth girls are going to love these next boots, which in addition to coming in black, each feature a little skull, bow and rose!


Retro spots, gingham and bright colours take the spotlight away from the edgier styles and bring fun and girliness to the fore:


R & E or Rosessence

The standouts for me are the platform brogues (first seen in-store in January), although there are more sedate brogue versions available too (which again, would suit dolly kei and mori girl wardrobes well):


The retro theme continues here as well, with spots, checks and nautical stripes in evidence:


Likewise the 70’s trend continues with rope, cork and wood heeled platforms:


..and the ubiquitous fringing (combined with hanging beads for a little je ne sais quoi):

A mini-trend seen in this collection is the use of charms and chains at the ankle – something to watch for.


Somehow I feel there must be more exciting models still to be released, as most of these from R&E do not make my heart race. I do love the first two from Esperanza though, and will struggle not to bring one of them home with me.

What do you think?


  1. I am dribbling over the first style! Wow! Quick, to 109….

    Thanks for posting these, love a bit of shoe-gasm first thing in the morning 😉

    • I actually prefer to shop in Studio Alta now..since I always stay in Shinjuku, and it has all the main stores…even tutuHA now! There are WAY less crowds…and no packed JR or metro to get home. Add to that the gyaru stores in Lumine Est and the subnade from Shinjuku station, and so many of my faves are covered 🙂

  2. Those platform brogues are amazing! I’ve been after a pair of brogues for a while, and I’d intended to get a flat pair. However, the platform version is mighty tempting

    • They are rather smart and would be cool as flats…but if you decide to try to buy the platforms here, as a guide, I’m a size 38 (or 7.5 to 8), which is a 24.5 to 25 in Japan, or L to LL. So if you’re browsing rakuten or whatever and see those sizes and you’re a similar size to me, you’re laughing! Girls who are size 9 and above don’t have so much luck :/

  3. in azerbaijan you have? like 4 picture for summer boots????


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