Electric Alice at Glebe Markets – Gothic Lolita comes to Glebe

Back in April, I posted about new blog, website and online store Electric Alice. Well, yesterday saw Electric Alice hitting Glebe Markets for the first time….and of course, I had to wander down and check it out!

Electric Alice brings fabulous Japanese lolita brands to Australia, including:

6% Doki Doki, Black Peace Now, Care Bears, Chocomint, Dangerous Nude, DelilaH, Metamorphose, Swimmer and Wonder Rocket. There’s gothic lolita, sweet lolita, hime, fruitsy and mori styles to choose from – click here if you want to start shopping now!

For those who like to see clothes in the flesh before you buy, now you can visit the Glebe Markets in Sydney’s inner west (just off Broadway) and get your loli fix as well.
I decided to go with fairly neutral make-up since it was daytime – and a brilliantly warm non-winter’s day of 18 degrees. I threw on my fave violet circle lenses too.

I wore my spotted skirt from Algonquins, a big EGL/Vivienne Westwood type crown necklace from Black Peace Now, a Dangerfield tuxedo jacket and my Cue wide corset belt. The jacket soon came off as it was such a scorcher of a day.

It took me a while to find the stall…but when I did, there was no doubt it was Electric Alice when I saw that eye-popping pink colour.  Finally I got to meet Imogen and Alice in person, and they are lovely! Check out the girls and the gorgeous store below:
Here I am with Imogen.
We talked about Japan, fashion, clubs and more..and hatched plans to bring more Japanese fashion to Sydney. Let the masses beware, muahahaha….
Although I originally went to buy a Dangerous Nude harlequin jacket, I spotted a beautiful Black Peace Now skirt in black tulle that was embroidered, embellished with ribbon roses and sequins, edged in lace and frothed up with layers of ruffles underneath. Superb!
I decided to wear it out that very night, so taken with my purchase was I. Pictures? Why yes of course…just wait for tomorrow’s post.


  1. but Dangerous Nude harlequin jacket is so tempting too. 🙂

  2. Oh yes! You can see it in the pic on the racks just to the left – see the black and white diamond pattern? That's the sleeve. It was just a little big so I'd have to get ti taken in. Maybe I'll see one in my size when I'm over there 🙂

  3. Did you try it on? cos it looks amazing on the site and the price isn't that bad for that design…

    btw not to sound like a stalker by replying anonymously Im briony's frd, and thinks you're really cool with the whole gothic lolita cupcake tea party photoshoot.

  4. Haha, not stalkery at all…anyone who's Briony's friend is a friend of mine 🙂 She was amaaazing in that shoot!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂

    I did try the jacket on, and even laced up it was a bit big. It would need to be taken in by a tailor if I bought it, so looking for a smaller one first 🙂

  5. welcome 🙂 i like looking at pretty and cool things!!!!!!! <3

    aaww yeah true that its would be better to find a smaller one, i think wil probably stay there for a while if they dunt put any discounts on 🙂

    wish u luck