Dolly Kei outfit

I decided I wanted to try a Dolly Kei outfit (or 2) based on the skirt I bought in Grimoire recently.

I constantly marvel at how Hitomi, Kaori, Heri etc, seem to effortlessly build their layered outfits to such great effect. At fashion events I’ve attended, you can easily see other Dolly Kei girls too – there really is a recognisable style. But being able to recognise it, is way easier than being able to duplicate it. Here goes….

Here’s how I got the look, step-by-step:

1.  I put on the skirt (in black with pinks & mustard tones), and paired it with a Perri Cutten blouse in a central asian paisley print.
2. Then I added a gold fabric wrap belt, embellished with beads and sequins, as well as a camel coloured fur gilet.


3. Next I added a light scarf in paisley (again) in similar tones, as well as gold fringing.
4. Then I placed the all-important tassels around my neck, along with a beetle encased in resin as a necklace.


Some more detail shots – such colours, pattern, textures!!


5. Not having any floral tights, I merely added flesh coloured fishnets, and orange shoes to pick up on the warm tones.


As a finishing touch, I wore the floral brooch/headpiece I also bought at Grimoire. I tried on my dark blood-red coloured velvet cape from Virgin Mary, but think it may be a bit dark – what do you think?


I then tried on a grey-flecked fake fur throw around my shoulders:


I wanted to try something I could wear in the warmer months, with some layering but still cool, so put on a sleeveless chiffon paisley print tank top in reds & oranges, and took off the fur:



And of course I had to have gyaru/dolly lashes and make-up (like the orange Lime Crime lipstick, also used as blusher), as well as my fave G&G BT circle lenses in aqua.


There are a few typical DK items I missed in my outfit – can you pick what they are? What would you have added to this outfit – or taken away?


  1. oh wow i love it. The skirt is gorgeous. That skirt would go with some many other items 🙂

  2. love your hair!!!
    I love the dolly-kei style except for the tassels ^^;. that belt and the headpiece you used are really cute!

    • Thanks! The hair is now bright red at the top before it gets to the pink and purple (I did it after these pics). Yeah, the tassels are a strange item that the DK style just loves to use..perhaps little tassels would work better in some outfits than the big ones – they’re very “out there”!.

  3. I love your outfit so much, especially the grey faux fur!! It’s so eclectic and wild and fun!

  4. I love that you love to dress up in such unusual styles. Looks like a lot of fun!

  5. I love love love the way you showed step by step how you put the outfit together!

    love it !! <3

  7. Looooove the hair and the grey-flecked throw! You look stunning =)

  8. LOVE your coordinate! I am just getting into dolly kei too. I am guessing it’s still a pretty ‘new’ thing in Japan right? The only shop I know that sells it is called Grimoire and I used to think that was the name of the fashion before someone mentioned dolly kei.

    Here’s my attempt, though without tassels as I had no idea where to buy them at the time. (photoshoot)

    Then I later realized you can get them from home improvement type places like Bed bath and beyond, as well as Jo Ann’s and Hancock Fabrics. 😀 Where do the girls in Japan buy their tassels? At similar stores? Fabric stores? Or does Grimoire carry them?

    I LOVE your beetle necklace, btw!

    Etsy is like my No.1 Stop shop for dolly kei, but I am also finding stuff to work into coordinates from stores like Forever 21 and H&M not to mention eBay and my local Goodwill stores! 😀

    • Great resources you mention there – yeah, I really need to have a better look on etsy, for sure 🙂 I’ve never asked the grimoire girls where they get their tassels from – will find out – but it probably is haberdashery stores..and old vintage finds.

  9. I love the step by step pictures illustrating how to put the look together. well done. dolly kei happens to me my current obsession.
    Sweet Rocket 99 Vintage

    • Thanks for dropping by! I’m still getting the hang of it myself, & just bought an antique dolls head to add to my dolly kei collection. DK really does need a spooky, olde worlde item to give it pizazz 🙂