Dolly Kei Grimoire, and Gothic Lolita Kikirara Shoten

This time 2 weeks ago I was still in Japan and had just completed an interview with Kikirara Shoten. Earlier in the day, I’d visited Grimoire, Virgin Mary and Tarock to catch up with the Dolly Kei scene and see what’s in store at the moment.

A little while ago I flirted with the idea of being one of the many aussie bloggers writing about the fashion scene here, dissecting the fashion weeks, upcoming designers etc (which I do a little bit) – but I realised it really is more my thing to focus on more obscure and subcultural designers, as well as fashion trends that are still not mainstream here. I have been very much influenced by gothic and other fashion trends from japan in particular, which is no secret, and the more I learn, the more there is to know and find out about!

When I was talking with Kikirara, she held up some cat fabric – yes really! There was this fabric with cats dressed as gents and ladies on it, and Kiki said she was inspired by whimsical prints like this, and she sought to make elegant sophisitcated clothing out of it, almost as a counterpoint to the print. She would make a Marie Antoinette courtiers gown, corset and hat out of such prints, following her muse. For me, following muses like her, Hirooka Naoto, the Grimoire girls and others, is MY inspiration. Hence, this blog. As I enter my second year of blogging next month, I want to keep true to that, and hopefully inspire others discovering the wonders of alternative fashion worldwide.

I was touched that Kiki wrote about me in her blog, and shared this pic of me – check it out! (Thanks to the Osaka Koneko for the link). I’m in her workroom and photographic studio, with those famous blue skies with clouds behind me.

Kiki wasn’t really aware how famous she and her label are overseas, and she seems to have been invigorated by the knowledge, to go on and do bigger and better things!!  As she is now bringing up a child, I can only wish her material success as well as the rich artistic success she already enjoys.

While talking to the Grimoire girls, and Marie, the PR and website co-ordinator for Grimoire, I realised they too are a little unaware of just how many communities and blogs are springing up about the Dolly Kei style, and how much they are influencing people far away from Japan. It’s exciting to see a new fashion flavour coming through and enriching our fashion culture, don’t you think? It is experiences like these that propel me forward and inspire me so much to share my perspective.

Above, I am with Kaori and Heri in the lovely Grimoire store – and yes, I bought a beautiful skirt while I was there! I also bought a gorgeous deep blood red velvet beaded cape from Virgin Mary earlier that day, so expect to see some Dolly Kei styling from me in the next few weeks 🙂


  1. I’m really interested to see your take on Dolly Kei! You look lovely in both shots and I just can’t wait to read more about your interviews!

  2. I don’t want to post a Dolly Kei look until I’m happy on the right track with we’ll see how that goes. The multi-layering isn’t easy to get right. And I really must write up my Kikirara interview before it’s October 🙂