Coffee & Drink Palace, Hongdae, Seoul

When I was in Hongdae in Seoul, I discovered a rather special place for taking tea or coffee and relaxing as a lady should. This place is so elegant, so genteel, so boudoir, that I know any Lolita or Dolly Kei, or indeed any lady at all, would enjoy it. Allow me to introduce to you…

The Palace  

I’d spied the 19th century looking interior from the street and just had to investigate

Up the sweeping staircase I cautiously tread…

looking up to see the enormous sparkling glass chandelier


Climbing to the top, I saw the main parlour, with its decadent gold ceiling and the various private boudoirs opening off it, separated by swathes of lustrous brocade drapes and silky fringed curtains…


I was then shown to my own private room, with its classical sofa, soft plump cushions, soft lighting, crystal clear mirrored glass tables, amazingly beautiful architectural cornices…



Breathtaking, isn’t it? I thought it a little too grand for one such as myself on her own, but with a small soiree can see the delights to be had. Oh, and how could I neglect to mention the dainty bone china?


I had to partake of the creamy cappuccino and cheescake soon after it arrived..


OK, so this is where, if it had a soundtrack, the record would go…SCREEECCHH!!!!!!!!

Erm, yeah, the cheesecake, when it arrived, was still a bit frozen.  (And there I was, thinking it would be freshly made). But the coffee was yummy and the decor was divine. And then I saw the napkin…”Satisfactory, Cafe & Restaurant, Making”. (Snigger). Quite.

The Palace is definitely worth a trip if you get to Seoul…come to Hongdae, take a walk through the neighbourhood and when you see this guy Einstein on the wall, with the thoughtful quote graffiti’d next to him, look up and you’ll just catch a glimpse of the lovely salon above.


If you visit, I think you’ll have a very lovely afternoon indeed.


  1. Ah, how lovely! It reminds me of a few hidden gems I found in Japan, usually full of women. I miss their American-style coffee!

    • Yes, you’re right….very reminiscent of ones in japan. I misssed going to a friend’s one in Nara..wasn’t in the Osaka area long enough to go, but it’s very olde worlde.

  2. Incredibly gorgeous! I would love to dress up in hime gyaru with my friends and have fancy tea at “The Palace!”

  3. I was actually wandering around the web looking for pictures of palace cafe that’s illustrious enough to convince me this cafe must be on my ‘cafe mission’ while in Seoul nxt yr and voila! These pic did wonders. I thought they even have that cosplay service at the cafe wasn’t it? Where you can play dress up n take pictures and all…


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