Chasing the Sunset in Snooky

Last time we were in Sihanoukville, Dom and I saw a spectacular sunset, which we filmed, and this time we were keen to try to find the same spot and see it again. You’d think that’d be easy, right?
No. We couldn’t agree on whether it was Independence, Victory or Hawaii beach. We knew it had a restaurant nearby, because we remembered a waiter guy came out but allowed us to stand there and watch the sunset.
Accordingly, this time around, we went in search of it. Well, the bit of coast we thought it was on, was now a huge development of luxury apartments, and the road didn’t go to the coast there anymore. There was something called the Snake House nearby too. The nearest you can get to Hawaii Beach is a little further south than we expected, but we took the little road that leads off to Treasure Island Seafood Restaurant.
And then we saw – a restaurant ON Hawaii Beach!! Not really as we remembered, and there was not a soul dining there. But we thought “hang it; we’re here now”, and when the proprietor came out we nodded that we’d stay.
A walk along the beach was in order first, and this part of town is actually really peaceful; a world away from Serendipity. There were a few families there with their kids, a few trying to catch fish or crab. Off in the distance a few boats bobbed in the sea. Yeah, this place is pretty dang lovely.
We ordered the Crab in Kampot Pepper sauce, and waited for the sunset with cold drinks in hand. Could this be the place? Well, there’s a dirty great big bridge being built now that ruins the view somewhat, but if you kept your eyes to the right, you could block it out.
Here is what we saw…
At this point the food arrived – YUM!!
The sun had almost totally set by now, and the sky was a beautiful rose colour
Well, we weren’t convinced that we’d found the spot from 5 years ago, and would go out on the bike next night to look again. But for now we’d had a lovely meal and a gorgeous display.