Boys in Harajuku (and a few girls)

I thought it’d be cool to show what some of the guys are wearing in Harajuku, so here goes.

It starts off as a punk look with the leather jackets (and the guy on the right’s Ramones hairdo), but it gets art student/surfer in the case of the middle dude. Eclectic.

I’m loving the black, white, red and grey colour scheme of this next guy – you don’t see a lot of guys in tights. And yes, on the right, you CAN see little fox feet dangling at the end of the fur. And that is a little face and snout at the neckline there, appearing to bite itself. I have to say I’ve seen a lot of  this type of fur in the vintage shops the past few days. 
The other guys in the gang are simply enough dressed, but the guy in dungarees, bowler hat, brown brogues, embellished jacket and old 50’s glasses is quite the individualist.
A lot of guys wear hats here – especially bowlers, fedoras, porkpies etc. Perhaps it’s because it’s still nippy at the moment. I liked the nonchalance of this pose.
And now a few random shots of girls (mainly backs as I lost my pluck)
Are these sweet lolitas or hime gyaru? I think lolitas, due to the girlish hairstyles and pink bunny. The one on the end is obviously more gothic. (Yes, I shot this one through a window)
how about punk…
there’s a pink tutu in this next one…a lot of girls wear frilly skirts
more frilly skirts, worn with tights and boots
Love the leopard jacket, and the red tutu.
Look what her mate’s wearing though!
After all that people watching, I had to stop for a cappuccino and a nice cake. I had a burnt caramel cream puff – OMNYOMNYO
Check out the new king’s crown hairband I picked up that day. More on this store, “Miss Me”, later.


  1. The pink girls are sweet Lolitas, the things that give it away for me are the low pink hair styles and low shoes. High natural/brown hair and high shoes are a hime must 😀
    Omg you are making me crave sweets with that caramel cream puff~ Maybe it's time to bake something!

  2. I KNEW you'd know Violet – thanks for your expertise! I've been seeing hostesses with high hair and curls a lot at night here in Kabukicho…but been too timid to take pics f them. Maybe tonight!

  3. Hey…
    love your blog…i've been reading for a bit now, but have never commented before…..
    that cake…OMG!!!! looks like some sort of hi-tech spiffy snot-block….how good was it????

  4. Haha.."snot-block" ROFL! Cat, thanks for coming out of the woodwork! Glad you're enjoying. Yeah, the burnt toffee bit was pretty yum…and the cream…and the pastry. I hadn't eaten all day so despite the calories, it was worth it 🙂

  5. Your Pictures are sooo Fab!!! I was looking forward to your style posts lol. BTW that leopard jacket of yours is too cute for words 😀

    Much love,
    Glendy <3

  6. Thanks Glendy! I do have more pics to post…but I'm a bit timid to ask people if it's ok for me to shoot them sometimes.