Blue DollyEye Korean circle lenses – compared with Dueba and G&G BT

So you know I have a recent passion for eye-enlarging Korean circle lenses.

Today I wore the DollyEye lenses in blue from Pinky Paradise.

Base Curve : 8.6mm
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Brand : DollyEye (came in EOS vial)
Comfort: 6 out of 10
Colour: 8.5 out of 10
The pic from the website:
And my photo (pictures have been cropped, but not photo edited in any way).
My eyes without any lenses
And now, with one lens in, for comparison
You can see there’s quite a colour and size difference
Now with both in, first in natural light (as the pics above are)
then with flash on
It’s an intense cornflower blue that’s really pleasing, although if you look closely, the left eye here is slightly brighter than the right one. I checked, and yep, they’re from different batches. You’d really have to be staring to notice this, though! Overall I’m giving them an 8.5.
Now, the comfort factor is where these lovelies let me down. I found the same with the Dolly Eyes in violet, and DEFINITELY with the green ones. I just don’t know if I could wear these all night.  Great for a photoshoot, a short trip out for a meal, or a party at home, but all night clubbing? No way. I’m being fairly generous and rating these 6 out of 10, because I did watch tv for a while, and they didn’t make my eyes water like the green ones.
I thought it would be useful to compare these with the other two blue/aqua ones I have, in case any readers are tossing up which one of these to get.
First, the Dueba Messish MX21 lens in aqua, natural light
and now with flash
The DollyEye is definitely brighter, and slightly bigger (it IS .2mm larger), but the Messish look more evil, and alien-like on my eyes.
And now compared to my current favourites, the G&G; BT lenses in sky blue
and with flash
Again, the DollyEyes are slightly bigger, but each are bright as anything colourwise. The G&G; BT’s look a little more natural, and are definitely more comfortable, so overall stay at the top of my hit list when it comes to my circle lenses.
But I will wear them all – it will depend on what I’m wearing as to whether I’ll prefer a turquoise or a cornflower blue lens. The darker one will go well with uber goth outfits – or possibly that AC/DC concert on Saturday night…and Soundwave the day after….
Do any of my readers wear circle lenses? What are your favourites?

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  1. WOW I really like your reviews and how you compared your lenses side by side. I wear the generic grey and honey color acuvue lenses because I need the prescription but after seeing your post I feel like I want to experiment some more, I have really dark eyes and like to make them seem bigger or interesting. I've never tried the Korean color lenses before but now I'm VERY curious.

    PS: I hope your not mad at me for my post, it was a joke and I think I should've saved it as an April fool's spoof lol 😉

    Much love always,
    Glendy <3

  2. oh wow! how good do all the lenses LOOK on you!! it appears so dark on your eyes – whereas on mine, the colour doesn't show as well! lovin' it!

  3. Oh Glendy, no! Wasn't mad at all – I thought it was very clever of you – way to drive people to your blog post, girl!! And I need prescription lenses – I'm ~ -2.00, so yeah, go for it, unless you've got astigmatism. They're great!!

    Chaigyaru – thank you!! They do show up bright on pale eyes like mine – but you're so much prettier!! So they look really good on you anyway 🙂

  4. Aww, thank you for the compliment!! I do actually really like my own pale green eyes, but I do love dressing up too 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    ur ori eyes are so beautiful

  6. I just bought my first couple of pairs and have a pair of EOS adult blues(new version) that are similar in color to the Dollyeye blue. They’re a nice shade but a bit too bright and dark for my everyday wear. I have a pair of Geo tricolor greens that blend well but I prefer blue so I’ll keep looking. I like those mysterious Duebas, nice pics!