Black Peace Now skirt, gothic lolita outfit

To accompany the Black Peace Now skirt and overall gothic lolita outfit, I decided to throw on the vibrant turquoise bob wig I bought in Marui One back in April. Fringe down, or to the side? Hmm…

And now for the rest of the outfit

White ruffled blouse – Bodyline
Black brocade corset – Gallery Serpentine
Black skirt – Black Peace Now (Electric Alice)
Black tuxedo jacket – Dangerfield (seen in pic below)
Black & white platforms – Demonia
Mini bowler hat – Closet Child
Necklace with charms – Urban Edge
Violet Circle Lenses – Pinky Paradise
Lower lashes – IPD lashes Korea (i-Socks Malaysia )
Upper lashes – Star Lashes Korea (Okadaya, Japan) 
You need to see the embroidery on the skirt up close to appreciate the detail…

Do you like it? Or are bell skirts not something you’d wear?


  1. Wow! I looooove that skirt! *o*

  2. It really *IS* lovely in person 🙂

  3. I love it! I do tend to like bell skirts, but I normally wear anything that has black lace involved. I love the whole ensemble. It is gorgeous!

  4. Holy Moly One word GORGEOUS! Word!
    and down..

  5. I agree with everyone above. I love the entire outfit. This might be one of my favorites so far. The wig is great too. I vote fringe down. But too the side looks lovely too.

  6. Very very cool! And ultra-elegant with a certain pizzaz. 🙂

  7. I am loving the whole outfit!
    I say fringe to the side 🙂

  8. upload it to electric alice im sure your mad co-ordinating skills can help interest the gothic style to spark within the lolita fan base electric alice has. <3

    Love the collar of that top and that danger field jacket is amazing also!!

  9. Obsidian Tears – thanks! I too, cannot resist the combo of black and lace 🙂

    Armando Y Montez – aww, thanks so much for the compliment. It would've been better if I'd made the hat myself, but I'm a bit lazy these days in the millinery department 🙂

    Siouxsie – wow! Poss fave so far?? The ripped frill bits on the top make it look old school, which I can see you'd like. It's very Stigmata like in that sense. And yeah, I like the fringe down, I think 🙂

    John – thanks for dropping by! And thanks for the kind words.

    Mercedes – I'm glad you like it. And one vote for 'to the side' added. I think the fringe just needs to be shorter, but it's the first time I've worn it and dared not cut it. Do you wear wigs ever?

    Anonymous – I must upload the pic actually, Imogen did say to. Thank you for the "mad co-ordination skills" comment – you're too sweet!

    But yes, I'd love to get more interest in and recognition for dark gothic fashion, as there's a lot for the sweet loli stuff already. I know the EA girls are looking to get more punky brands like Sexpot Revenge on their books – which would be awesome!

  10. You are so beautiful!! I really love this outfit!! The wig takes it to that next level for sure.

  11. Gorgeous skirt and corset!! I love wearing bell skirts and circle skirts ^^