Black Cherry clubbers Day of the Dead style

I promised more photos from the night, so here they are! Boy there were some stunning girls there…and guys as well 🙂

I’ve just put some in the gallery for you to peruse…click on the one/s you like to see larger.


Darned pesky head kept drinking my beer on the sly via the straw!

Seriously, if you’re ever in Sydney and see Black Cherry advertised, head on in – it’s a fun time with lots of different music, bands, burlesque, punk karaoke, aerial work, comedy and more…


  1. awesome makeup!! 🙂

  2. Shane Cubis says

    Heya! My co-worker here was Googling “skeletons wearing sombreros” for some reason and goes, “I’ve just found a photo of you on Google!”

    Heh heh – that’s me in the sombrero, patting the wrestler dude’s stomach.

    I remember being very impressed with your costume on the night! Sadly I can’t make the next Black Cherry, due to a wedding in Canberra. Selfish marriagers, I dunno…


    • Hehe, what a shock that must’ve been!! Some of the pics weren’t mine but were snapped by Schatzi Sunshine (spelling?). I can’t go to the next one either, as I’ll be in Tokyo – but there are plenty of clubs with spooky looking people there too, beloeve me!