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Big night out at Zouk nightclub in KL — thefashionatetraveller.com

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Big night out at Zouk nightclub in KL

Just over a week ago we flew into Kuala Lumpur and had a whirlwind kinda night. Tired as we were (I’d done night shift the night before the flight), we had a mission. I’d arranged to meet up with local riot grrl and blogger Jessicat, and a big night was surely in store.  Jess was an absolute sweetheart and offered to pick us up and show us some KL nightlife – as it turned out, to Zouk!

On the way in the car we talked about Malaysian & Singaporean bloggers and their liberal usage of wtf, fml, and even fhl (fuck his/her life) and fol (fuck our lives). ROFL. Then I learned a little about when to say “lah” and when to say “lor” in Malayenglish. Local vocab is very important, lah (or is that lor?)

Not to cast aspersions on her driving or anything (!), but we went across live lanes of oncoming traffic, made illegal and last minute right-hand turns, got to the car-park and drove around twice before finding the driveway to go down to the next floor…I tell you, it’s good that I was too busy chatting – Dom was shitting himself!  It was the first of many things that led Dom and I to christen Jess as “ditzy”.  Yes, we taught her a new word. I think she’s blonde on the inside – and I think she knows it too (don’t you dearie? Love you!)

It was midnight when we got there, so just enough time to check out the local lol-lok stall and have a few bites before hitting the club. Lok-lok is basically an array of things like fish balls, meat etc on sticks that you cook in boiling broth for a few minutes before dipping in sauce and scoffing.  Not bad, but no match for the curry mee, satays, roti canai’s etc I was looking forward to.  However, a girl has to have a lining on her stomach before drinking, or else she may end up less than ladylike by the end of the night 😉

Are we ready to hit the club, kids? Dom’s not too sure, but Jess and I are keen 🙂  Yes, you may have noticed a distinct lack of lashes on my part. I’d neglected to pack mascara, and with Jess already chomping at the bit for us to hit the town, there was no time to put on my fake lashes, dang it. BUT circle lenses cover a multitude of sins, lah?

Zouk is a mega club (sister club to Singapore’s Zouk) with various rooms paying different music – there’s the Velvet Underground, Phuture, Arista, Barsonic and the Terrace Bar. Jess, being the local it girl that she is, got us in for free, saving us 58 ringgit each – yeehaw! I tell you though, it’s on the alcohol here in Malaysia that you’ll spend your money – it’s the same prices we pay in Australia, despite the food being 5 to 10 times cheaper. We discovered that it is actually cheaper at Zouk to buy five beers, than to buy three. Three cost 85 ringgit but five cost 67 – don’t ask me why! We learned our lesson after the first round. CHEERS!

So we checked out the various rooms, and I loved the kooky decor ( if not the music, which was pretty r & b/techno based).


I think Barsonic was where we had the best time – there just lovely friendly people there, and a lot of cool hipsters too! Like these guys, who turned out to be designers.

Our fave bit was when Smashing Pumpkins came on – at last!! Indie music!!! Not for long, but it was really nice while it lasted. The kids seemed to like it too – so why don’t they play more indie music at clubs here? It’s a mystery. We walked around to see all the rooms, but man, was it packed!! Lookit:

Despite the fact we were just gonna have a few drinks and head on home, we somehow managed to stay until lights up, which found us chatting to these guys from Singapore:

Stumbling outside we found Jess and her friend…and decided it was time to eat again!! We went to a nearby food place (even though it was after 4 by this time) and I had a delicious roti canai and teh tarik. YUM!  Dom’s biryani and the girls’ noodles were equally delish. God bless Malaysia and its food!  Dom and I finally hit the sack at 5.30am – that is, 8.30am Sydney time. YUP – it had been a LOOOOONG day and night!!

Thanks Jess for showing us around and introducing us to your friends. See you next time we’re in KL – as long as we’ve had a good long sleep first!!


  1. So when *do* you use “lah” and “lor”?! I have 2 team members based in our office in KL – and I certainly heard lots of “lah” when I was over there a couple of years ago, but I don’t recall “lor” … curious!

    I totally miss the food over there – my favourite dish was a dessert (go sweet tooth): ais kacang! Have you had it?

    • YES! WE had ais kacang! We had it before in Singapore earlier this year, but had some at Lot 10 in the downstairs food hall, and cendol in Penang at New World Park (I think? on Burma Street)

      Oh, and my take on lah is that it’s kind of like saying “isn’t it?” for emphasis. I’m still trying to remember when to say “lor”!

  2. love u dearieeeeeeeeeeee!! am glad ur finally home! 😀 😀 my regards to dom too!
    am glad u had fun, and even more glad i was a good host! 😀

    hahhahaha, well babe, in malaysia, its okay if I drive like that… dangerous is good 😛
    cant wait to see u in Aus <3 mwah

    p/s – u got the LAH right!

    • Hehe, I was just being cute about the driving – it was really manic and fun – but I’m a bit like that myself! Yes, you defo showed us how Malaysians party, and we wouldn’t have discovered that on ur own 🙂 Phew about the lah!

    • And we will CERTAINLY show you around some of our clubs when you get here 😉

  3. 🙂 wow…i see you have great fun!! Now i regret not meeting up with you..huhuhu darn those assignments….=_=”

  4. Ooh I love that place. The interior changes all the time depending on event I think! Glad you had fun :o)

    • Oh cool! I loved the brightly painted mannequin torsos – and the overall architecture – very modern! I just wish they had a room for indie or even just rock music. The people were lovely and friendly, and that’s the main thing really though 🙂

  5. Glad to see you had a fantastic time. Loving the latest hair colour too! 🙂

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