Beserk Tights!

I just discovered another of my fave aussie alternative labels, Beserk Clothing, has now started a range of very creative tights!

I know you love tights and leggings as much as me, so here’s a peek.

1. Tera Angel

In this, Fleur’s first design, the wing of the Angel wraps around the back of the leg:


2. Dreaming Desire

These tights have a very Japanese-inspired manga girl with her hair flowing around the legs:


3. Diamond Heist

These tights have an all over diamond pattern – not just a diamond pattern, but a 3 dimensional rendering of a diamond gem:


In classic black and white with a touch of red, these are sure to go with so many rockin’ outfits you might be planning. (Oh, and Beserk also stocks some Black Milk tights! James is a fellow Brisbane designer)

Beserk has a great range of clothing in graphic designs, from dresses to singlets to shorts to skirts to armwarmers…really, you must check out the Beserk store!



There are even armwarmers to co-ordinate your outfit, in Sakura/Cherry Blossom print, skull print, and military chevrons.


If you like what you see, I’ll leave it to you to peruse further.  For more reading, I’ve previously mentioned Beserk in my Under the Blue Moon Festival post, and my Sunday Links post here.


  1. I would soooooooo get the second one if only they were not leggins T_T

  2. ver cool tights, you know i found a tutorial to make very cool tights, *searches*
    tadam: ^^

  3. They are extraordinarily expensive! I think the angel tights top over every other Beserk item I’ve seen in the past.

    • Not really when you compare with some other creative leggings designers…Black Milk has leggings mostly $70 – $90, and up to $130! But I do get your point when compared with tights from say, Forever 21 or Topshop.

      I think probably because these are small homegrown (both aussie) companies, and don’t have the reach of big US/UK mass-produced brands, the costs are higher. We just don’t have the population here in Australia, so clothing and shoes are often more expensive than elsewhere, unfortunately. Unless we talk about made-in-China or other cheapie brands like Supre, heh.

      • True. But still, I wouldn’t pay that much for a pair of leggings and definitely not black milk prices! I’m happy to support Aussie (hey, I’m pretty damn Aussie too! haha) but that’s over my price limit anyway. I guess that’s why I make corsets myself. And I hope the world will pick up on Aussie brands especially in the alternative fashion market.

  4. These are truly unique……..especially the arm warmers…I do not think I have ever seen anything like it. Thank you for sharing this new (to me) brand.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin – A Toronto based personal style blog

    • Thanks for visiting, and for your comment Tashrin. I’ve visited & commented on your blog too (but you have to approve the comments before they’ll show).

  5. Those are amazing, great find!

    PS: I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  6. I’m already a fan of their cheerleader dresses but the tights are amazing! Wish they came footed as well though, but I guess with the heavier duty fabric it would be rather uncomfortable…


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