Being Born Again couture show – explosion of art & fashion

Last night was the Being Born Again Couture Fashion Show held at the National Art School in Darlinghurst.

The concept was fusing art and fashion:

“Australian fashion designers are collaborating with Australian artists to bring you a couture garment which represents the designers’ affinity and interest in the artist. “

This promised to be no ordinary fashion show.

From the minute we walked in there was colour and kookiness:

And we were not disappointed when the models (finally!) came out. Diaphanous fabrics in sorbet colours draped the models whose heads were clad in bright afro wigs and fantastical headpieces (made by Shayli Harrison).
Inexplicably, most of them held a live rabbit.
The print and shape of this the third dress, with its strong shoulders and graphic print, was very on-trend, and Gareth Pugh-ish.
There was even a Lady Gaga. WANT THAT JACKET!
The current space-age trend can be seen here in the silver and the graphic diagonal print. I also loved the multi-layers of frilled lace on the dress modelled by beautiful aboriginal model Samantha Harris.
The beauty of this coral dress can best be seen from the back – see the rippling frills cascading down her back like a watermelon waterfall.
This confection here was created by CASI((O)) ONO and ANTO, who are also behind the “Carnival of Electric Illusions” nightclub. Love the colours, the flared dress over the leggings, and the neckpiece (which seems to drape from the ears?)
And you have to love the exaggerated tennis ball Balmain shoulders on the Lady Gaga suit. The jacket was paired with dhoti pants.

The collaborations were:
Akira Isogawa & Lindy Lee, Nicola Finetti & Guy Peppin, Marnie Skillings & Tracey Moffatt, Tim O’Connor & Debra Dawes, Lulu in Chains & Emily Fitzgerald, Dhini & Pat Brassington, Michael Lo Sordo & Christopher Horder, Leigh Schubert & Susan Andrews and CASI((O)) ONO & ANTO.

BBA was the brainchild of Davina Reichman and Emily Fitzgerald, and it served as a launching pad for their own new label D&Em.; Those fantastic tights bedecked in jewels are their babies. Shoes were supplied by one of the show’s sponsors, Betts.


One of the best aspects of the night was meeting people. Of course it was great to finally catch up with Little Black Book.

I met some great girls in their final year at Whitehouse, and whose aesthetic was very similar to mine – check the hair!

Rachael and I both had leopard print bags…
I caught up with Anto, who I know from various alternative nights, and the other Carnival crew, as well as the flame-haired Shayli who made the headpieces in the show.
There were celebs such as the Chaser and Fenella Kernabone there, as well as many fashion and art types. It would have been great to stay on for drinks afterwards at the Beauchamp Hotel and meet more people, but alas, my booties were a pain.

Saying goodbye to my new friends, I spied Akira (Isogawa) having a laugh with some of his friends. I was going to take a quick snap to capture his lovely smile, but just then 2 people stood in front of him, blocking my view. A few seconds later, the papparazzi descended. Oh well.

I left the beautiful people to schmooze while I cabbed it home.

Funny thing, when I was there, Fenella Kernabone was interviewing people for her arts show on the ABC. When I went to Guzman Y Gomez in Newtown afterwards, there she was, tucking into Mexican food. Small world.


  1. Lovely!
    I LOVE the models' hair/headwear, and that pink dress.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! 😀

    But more importantly, what GORGEOUS hair you have! And what a fun looking night. I've also been to Carnival a bunch of times so I wonder if we'll see each other at the next one? <3

  3. Tracie – I agree, the hair is awesome, and the pink dress 🙂

    Imogen – Were you at the Tokyo Invasion night with Sisen, Aural Vampire and GPK? I do wanna go to the next Carnival, as it will be the last one for some time, as they're all jetting off overseas. (BTW, my shoes in this post were from Shibuya).