Back from New Zealand. Views from Waiheke Island

Hi guys! I’m back in Australia, having spent a hectic 4 days in New Zealand and straight back to work (12 hour days leave no time for creative posting; only dinner, shower and bed).

I have a few days off from Thursday and will be back on board then 🙂 Have some views from Waiheke Island in the meantime. There are some great pubs right on the beach there, and as you can see, the beaches are well nigh deserted when it’s autumn and winter….

Of course, I had to try a few local brews

More when I have time, but be assured we hit some nightspots, saw some bands, had some great food and caught up with family and friends. Details on Thursday.


  1. Epic lager! Awesome! Welcome back 🙂

  2. Yeah – it was yum! Thanks 🙂