Avatar inspired fashion, Na’vi and Proenza Schouler SS 2010

On the subject of the spookily similar, is it just me, or have others noticed the similarities between the colours and designs used for the Na’vi and their Banshees in Avatar, and those in the latest Proenza Schouler collection?
Now, PS would have had the fabrics designed and made up long before artwork for Avatar was made public, so I’m not claiming there was actual borrowing. They both have taken cues from tropical fish, animals such as zebras etc.
It’s just amazing that the current zeitgeist for things tropical, tribal and digi-graphic have translated into different mediums, with similar results. I’m really loving the peacock colours used in both too – the blues, greens and purples, lifted/popped with judicious touches of acid yellow, chartreuse and even brown.
Anyway, see for yourself.

There is a bag from Proenza Schouler’s runway show that demonstrates the similarities better, but I can’t find a pic online. It’s on page 53 of the Feb Harpers Bazaar (Australia)  Collections supplement, with the title across it “The Trends”.
In any case, I can’t wait to see how these gorgeous colours and designs translate to the high street, because I think a party dress in this fabric would be right up my alley!