Exciting August news

OK, I’m a naughty so-and-so for not putting a post up last night/today…but so many exciting things are afoot!! There’s a twinkle in my eye 😉

  • I now have a domain and will be moving to WordPress with a brand spanking new blog design with more features and pretty things <3
  • I’m off to Japan again!! I leave on 27th August and get 10 days there (including seeing friends, seeing13th Moon with some Psychobilly bands on the 28th, going to some goth clubs and possibly the Punk all-dayer Shibuya Crash)
  • I’ll be involved with a big gothic fashion parade here in Sydney, and helping to get some Japanese content in there
  • and hopefully getting another Sydney Nuffnang blogger meet-up happening
  • there are also clubs and gigs galore in August, so there’ll be lost of eye candy in terms of outfit posts and event reports with photos (and maybe video)

Phew!! I’m giddy just thinking about it. It’s gonna be soooo exciting! So please keep visiting to find out the latest, and help me enjoy the rollercoaster ride!

Black Cherry club; Victory Roll hairdo.

I’ve previously mentioned one of my fave Sydney clubs – Black Cherry.  Last night it was on again,  this time at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, with 2 rooms and many, many acts.

With it being the biggest Black Cherry event yet, I had to do something special with my hair, and what with the burlesque flavour of the night, I decided to try Victory Rolls.

I watched quite a few how-to videos…but in the end, it’s all about the doing, isn’t it?Here is my first ever attempt…and I think it came out OK. I did 2 rolls either side of my part, a big one at the back, and I rolled my fringe too. Fake lashes top and bottom and my fave violet circle lenses complete the look.

A large black feather flower covered the exposed sectioning of the hair
And now some shots of the rest of the outfit
PVC Bolero/shrug – Artifice Clothing
PVC corset – Deadlygirlz/DGFH7
Red pvc ruffled bustle skirt – Geomythik
Black dress with tutu skirt – mall in Malaysia ($10!)
Spiky wedge shoes – Glad news, Japan

But onto the night itself….
Unfortunately we missed Frazer Bourke, one of my fave DJ’s, but there were plenty more to keep us dancin’.
The Rumjacks and the Snowdroppers played awesomely, as well as the Licks and the Go-Go Haunters.
There was comedy burlesque by the lovely Lauren LaRouge (who we’d seen singing at the Pandimensional Halloween Syndicate), more burlesque by Briana Blubell (Miss Burlesque NSW) and Lux St Sin from Melbourne, and aerial work from Tank.
For the full line-up including DJ’s, check out the Black Cherry facebook page.
I caught up with quite a few friends, including Carly from the Dark Shadows who very nicely came to the loo and latched up my DestroyX Crest necklace for me when I took off my bolero (crest glimpsed here in my pic with Dom, along with my grey fake fur coat that I got from a Swindon opshop for 25 pounds 10 years ago). Alas, I utterly failed to get any pics with Carly, yet again. The Dark Shadows are supporting Christian Death when they tour here on August 13 – how exciting!!

So many from various bands w
ere there and we chatted to a few such as Azzy T from Captain Reckless and the Lost Souls (ex-Zombie Ghost Train), and Oliver, frontman for  Our Last Enemy, who informed me they have the guitarist from Genitorturers on board and are touring Japan early next year.

The night is just getting bigger and bigger, and I wish Danielle and Carla who run the club every success. To anyone considering coming along, I say “hell yeah!”
We hit the Townie pub afterwards, and were home around 5, whence Dom decided to take a few more pics. As you can see, my ‘do stood the test of time apart from a few stray hairs here and there. I’ll certainly be trying more variations of the hairdo, now I know it’s do-able!
Next week is the Cobweb Club (see my post on the February Cobweb Club here). So you just know more vanity er, outfit pics will be posted.  But now, to get all the darned hairspray outta my hair…. 

Lip Enhancement with Juvaderm

This week I went in to have my lips plumped up a little with Juvaderm. 
I fully concede it’s a bit of a vain thing to do, and am fully aware that a woman’s worth does not reside in her appearance. Putting debates about the ethics of enhancements aside for a few moments, here I simply put forth my thoughts and show the results I obtained.
I have reasonably good self esteem and feel largely good about myself. But I fully intend to fight the ageing process where I think it makes me look less attractive, and as you get older, your skin gets saggier, your lips thin, your hair thins…and there are things you can do to fight it.
I’m not on-board for a facelift or something extreme and surgical (yet!), and I’m happy to let my happy laughter lines around my eyes (aka crows feet) be, because they show character and don’t look too bad. It’s the vertical furrow between my brows that I don’t like, as it makes me look angry (and older!), and thin lips can look a bit mean.
I already have fake nails, fake hair, wear fake eyelashes, put in fake coloured lenses, have piercings and a tattoo, so for me, this is the same (except it isn’t permanent). I also had botox for my furrowed brow, but that can wait for another post. So – lips.
I do have thin lips, and on the top, one lip is slightly higher than the other; I wanted to redress the balance. Having had it done several times before in the past few years, I knew to just go subtly bigger – I didn’t want Lisa Rinna lips. I had one syringe for both lips – I was offered one in each, but that would have been too big for me, I think.
Here are a few before and after shots
from below
With lipstick on
Before, with lipstick on
And for those who want to know – yes, the lips did swell up the morning after:
On previous occasions the swelling has left me with a trout-pout or duck’s bill, but this time it just look
ed like 2 fat sausages. I show this just to indicate that the swelling DOES go down, and not to worry for the first few days.

Is anyone considering an enhancement like this, or had it done already? Don’t see the need? I certainly didn’t even think about such things in my 20’s and 30’s, although people do.

Now in my mid-40’s I’m evaluating what other things I can do for a mini-makeover. Teeth bleaching or veneers, getting the broken capillaries on my face minimised…what would you do if you had the money and could change something about your face?

IFB Links a la mode

links a la mode

More than a Fashion Blogger

Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

Whatever your thoughts are about fashion bloggers, this week’s links a’la mode reads were quite evocative. Hardly does an article leave me questioning my own thoughts or ideals, especially when talking fashion. I may be moved to buy, but deeper? (sans any type of societal injustice)

These bloggers brought more to the table, as Vogue Gone Rogue did with her declaration of the coexistence of feminism and fashion. Yet, I was proud to be an entrepreneur after glimpsing into the world of a bridal consultants leap into fashion design.

In a world where a new fashion blog is born everyday and everyone is a critic: Confessions of a Fashion Editor interviews an outspoken blogger critic while Guacamole & Toast ponders if we should even care what others say.

Whether you read because of the pretty pictures, fun reads, or fashion tips, know your authors are more than fashion bloggers.

  • 365 Fashion Rehab– The Cost/Quality Conundrum. Three tops in three different price ranges: How do you really know if the quality of a garment matches its price tag?
  • A La Modest– Thrifting Down the Mainstream: “With this new wave rave for vintage, even Goodwill is raising their prices because the more affluent kids are ransacking their racks for one-of-a-kind retro rompers and sixties sandals.”
  • Bachmans Sparrow– Transform your basic tanks into beautiful, statement pieces with just a little lace. Check it out in my easy DIY tutorial!
  • Bobbins And Bombshells: Who’s That Behind Those Foster Grants? Part fashion history part give away!
  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor– Nati Hell, of ‘Fashion Bloggers Why?!’ Answers Back
  • Cuffington– The Tale of the Tape- A chance encounter with an old handmade mix tape cover (crafted nine years ago from a page torn from an issue of W) takes me back to the very moment when I truly became interested in fashion, and what fashion was capable of.
  • Denim Debutante: Paula’s Denim Dear John Letter
  • Eva Lu– Tame those Bangs! 3 ways to keep your hair looking pretty while cycling through the city.
  • Fashionizehaus– Style vs. Fashion: Tips on Developing the Fomer
  • French Leaving– Lovely Clusters of Beige: A collage of selected Etsy/Lovely Clusters picks of beige items.
  • Hello Beauty Blog– Bobbi gets a little rock ‘n roll with her latest collection, Denim & Rose.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: When Words Attack Bloggers
  • Living Embellished– Unmask Italia: Learn of the wonders that lay in the Venetian Masks
  • Miss Jones and Me– Binary Opposition: Applying the device to my life and my wardrobe
  • Parker and Muse– Balancing my day job as a bridal consultant/photo editor with starting a fashion line: The economics of pursuing my passion.
  • Style it You– Condé Nast recently rejected Mario Epaya’s proposal for Vogue Africa. Will fashion ever embrace diversity in beauty?
  • The Curvy Fashionista– Christian Siriano for Payless for Fall 2010: From Runway to Realway?
  • The Haute Hoosier– Supermodels are Dead: Introducing the Catwalk Queens You’ve Never Heard Of- A round up of some of today’s hottest catwalk queens.
  • The Vintages Contemplations on caring about public opinion and considering the potential success of the typical blog – one with a blogger who is not particularly glamorous, rich, or thrifty, only average, as most of us are.
  • Guacamole & Toast When the day is going bad just hop on your bike and ride out into the sunset. Your worry’s will melt away as the sun sets! Let the wind blow all the cares away! And do it in style of course!
  • Vogue gone Rogue– A closer take on feminism and fashion.

(PS…I was really disappointed my DIY Leopard Strappy Spats didn’t make it into the round-up – I thought it was a “shoe-in” if you’ll pardon the pun! Perhaps I’ll try again next week…)

Bibian Blue – exquisite corsetry, Steampunk, Burlesque, Pin-Up & Couture outfits

For those who haven’t heard of the fantabulous brand Bibian Blue, allow me to introduce you…

The clothing is absolutely EXQUISITE.
Based in Barcelona, fashion designer Bibian Blue studied at the Barcelona International Academy of Fashion, and opened her showroom in 2001. Particularly passionate about corsetry, Bibian works with more than 50 patterns from various eras to produce extravagant silhouettes that are ultra feminine.

I’ll start with the Steampunk section, as I know there are many fans:

If you really want something extravagant for a ball, head to the Dress Couture section:

Burlesque is equally breathtaking
or for the more circus -oriented…
There’s even a pin-up section

And there is this very unusual Japanese inspired Sora corset

There are honestly so many delectable items, you just have to go to the Bibian Blue website and online store yourself. It’s the place to go for extravagant alternative fashion for big ticket events, or perhaps for burlesque babes who want to wow the crowd.

Is it just me, or are you drooling too?