Adventures in Steam – Fiend Steampunk Shoot Sydney 09

This week a year ago I posted the pics from my Steampunk Fashion Shoot for Fiend magazine – the last shoot before I stepped down as Fashion Editor to travel more (and start this blog!)

I just realised I never brought the images over from my earlier blog, so here they are. There wasn’t time for it to be reproduced in full in the mag, (that is, half of the pics got in, but not the story/narrative part) but just so you can have a peek and a chuckle…for your viewing pleasure, here is…

Adventures in Steam

Penelope Danvers                      Horatio P. Danvers
 Captain X                                             Lexy     

The story….

Following a kidnap threat, the industrialist Horatio P. Danvers engages the services of famed explorer Captain X to safely escort his wife to the far side of the realm, by any means. The couple await the Captain’s arrival, by the Steamfleet.
Where the Dickens is he? I’ve appointments to attend to, and a factory to run…

“Captain X, at your service!”

The couple bid a fond goodbye, and the train departs.
“Farewell, my love..”

Penelope gazes until her beloved is but a tiny dot on the horizon.
“Now to change into my travelling clothes, and keep watch.”
Before long, they have company.
“Look, yonder! We’re under attack!”
But the Captain has come prepared…

“My steam powered launcher will make short work of these cursed blackguards!”

“Haha!! We trounced them and made our escape!”
Penelope swoons, but smelling salts will bring her ‘round.
Meanwhile, the Captain has some unfinished business to attend to…
The lovely aviatrix Lexy awaits his return.

“YOU certainly took your time!”

“Now, where were we, before I was interrupted? Ah yes, I was going to show you my new gadget…”

All pictures are property of Fiend Magazine and Katie Sheppard of Dollface Productions, please only reproduce with credit.

Models: Danica Lee (just crowned Miss Burlesque Sydney), Debzillah (personal trainer extraordinaire and Miss Amateur Pole Dancer 2009), Matt Davis and Luke Markham.

Location: Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh


  1. This is where I work. I got very excited over that issue of Fiend, as I am obsessed with steampunk, and the fact that my workplace was used as a backdrop for a steampunk photoshoot blew my mind. It is still my favourite issue of Fiend 🙂

  2. Hey, I work there too!! Are you with the RTA, or with one of the businesses in the park? And I'm glad you liked it!

  3. You do? Small world! I just one of the other businesses – I work with an IT consultancy in Bay 6 🙂

    LOL It was a brilliant shoot! I keep it to show my friends when they ask what steampunk fashion is 😀

  4. I remember seeing that issue, loved it so much!

  5. and the pictures are all over my walls!

    • OMG – That’s awesome! I love knowing where my photos end up. If you’re interested in actual prints, feel free to drop me a line

      Dollface Productions


  6. Oh thank you guys!! I organised the shoot, styled it etc…with help from Alexandra Gill-Chambers and her hubby Stirling with his great props.

  7. That was such an awesome issue! Such a great job!

  8. Dang, I cannot stop looking at these fantastic photos. Love your blog and glad I found you. I working on some pretty Steam Punk goodness for Halloween and am finding much inspiration. Great Blog!


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