Abilletage Halloween Party at Trump Room

Remember my post about the gorgeous corset store and tea salon Abilletage? Well, I also attended the Abilletage Halloween Party – and what an event it was!

The event was held in Shibuya’s very decadent Trump Room – ooh la la! The ceilings there are decked out in multiple chandeliers – adorning the place like fine jewellery.

Trump Room Shibuya

The deliciously black walls are decorated with beautiful gilt edged mirrors and picture frames, ornate keys, sconces and decorative moulding. The richness of the gold just takes your breath away.

Abilletage Halloween 2012 Abilletage Halloween 2012

There are other baroque touches – busts of famous people, stag heads on the wall…

Abilletage halloween Trump Room 2012

plush velvet seating – that contrast with some modern elements such as disco balls, a dj booth and a stripper pole!

Abilletage Halloween 2012 costume contest Abilletage Halloween 2012

But enough of the decor. The costumes of those who attended the halloween event were sublime, extremely detailed, and varied from the very glamorous, to the whimsical and even the grotesque. Which is as you’d expect, being in Japan *wink*.  There were just so many fantastic outfits that I was kept very busy photographing them and chatting to the wearers. Some friends were there, such as Kenny Creation, whose Steampunk event the week before was a resounding success, and who looked elegant and handsome as usual.

Abilletage Halloween 2012

Nile Prince was also there, looking breathtaking in white…

Kenny Creation at Abilletage

There were beautiful ladies…

Abilletage Halloween 2012 Abilletage Halloween 2012 Trump Room Shibuya

There were cosplayers and fetish couples,

Cosplayers at Abilletage Halloween 2012 Abilletage Halloween 2012

Gurololi dollies and dandies…

Abilletage Halloween 2012 gurololi Abilletage Halloween 2012 dandy

Dark gothic ladies such as Kana below,

Kana at Abilletage Halloween 2012


Lolitas at Abilletage Halloween 2012 Lolitas at Abilletage Halloween 2012


gasmask wearers, wolves and rams…

wolf and ram at Abilletage Halloween

ghouls and mummies…

skullface at Abilletage Halloween 2012 Mummy at Abilletage Halloween 2012

A VERY tall gentleman is seen here with his amazing cornucopia horn, skull and staff, all very fruits of the field (why yes; you CAN wear potatoes to a halloween party!) . His lovely offsider was more dolly kei, and their black & white with touch of colour outfits work pleasingly together.

I hope this has inspired you, both in ornate and creative costume choices, or to come to one of these events yourself! Apologies for the lateness in posting – I still have heaps more from my last visit, so stay tuned…and eventually I’ll get there 🙂