A Very Modern Terrace

Oh my, has it really been 6 days since I last wrote? I have to confess to a bit of ‘cocooning’ due in no small part to the fact that I am buying a house. Yes! An honest to goodness, actual, with-a-small-courtyard-type of house. As opposed to the apartments I’ve been living in for the last umpteen years. There are still a few kinks to be worked out, but nothing we can’t manage, and so I thought you guys might like to see (well, those who haven’t already through my twitter links).

It is uber modern, with lots of skylights and glass, which will make for amazing outfit shots in great natural light (if I learn to work my DSLR better!) I’m also terribly excited to finally have an entire room just for my walk-in wardrobe and studio.  At last I can organise/arrange my considerable collection of garments and accessories, and have proper space for my millinery blocks, hats and DIY materials.

Finally, I’m chuffed to bits that at last we can get a pet, and am currently making enquiries about miniature pinscher puppies. Our current aquarium will also be joined by a marine one…oh so many plans!

Onto the pics though. The first floor is where the living room is located, along with the main bedroom and bathroom, a bar for entertaining, the balcony and a glass-roofed atrium for a mini-greenhouse.

I know some people would be put off by the bar, but as my man does his own brewing, it will come in mighty handy for bottling and storage of the many bottles invariably littering our home. For the past few years he has taken over our ensuite shower as his beer-storing space, complete with shelving, so it will be a relief to have a dedicated space for the grog AND be able to use  the second shower.  Not to mention, how fab it will be for entertaining!

Downstairs are 2 other bedrooms, another bathroom, and the main kitchen and dining area which opens up onto decking and the back courtyard:

The front has a jet black door and an almost oriental looking black framed window. Perhaps because the seller is Japanese?

The plans show how it all fits together:

So, I have totally been immersed in many interiors magazines, watching home decor shows on foxtel, and making plans to personalise the space (say, how about a black feature wall?)

If you have any particular interiors blogs or posts you think I’d like, feel free to link. I would LOVE especially to see any pics of walk-in wardrobes (or closets, for my US readers), and rooms where clothes/shoes have been stored in well organised and stylish ways.  Thoughts?


  1. It’s such a cute house! I love how open everything is!

    • Yeah, I really like that too 🙂 It’s a more modern way of living to let the light in and flow around all the various spaces, instead of being closed off in little dark separate boxes, as many old victorian terraces are.

  2. Congrats on the house! It looks awesome! It is so much fun to create a glamorous habitat – you’re going to be happily busy for a while! Hope you get to take lots of pics for us.

    Isn’t it great not having kids to take up the space rightfully designated for wardrobe accessories and SHOES?!?

    I got a shoe pod system to store my 85 pairs of shoes – it doesn’t look fabulous – but it’s not ugly either – and the shoes are protected from the dust but are also visible so I can find the pink boots when i need them!

    I don’t have any photos up b/c my dressing room is still a work in progress – but here is a link to the shoe thing (not sure where I ordered mine from – but they look like this)

    Mine is stacked taller than me (I think they advise against that…)

    Have fun with your gorgeous new home! Its VERY Exciting!!!!

    • Thanks! And woah, that looks like a lot of shoeboxes, if they reach to over your head!! I have most of my shoes on the wooden shelving there, and my boots in another room on more shelving. Oh, to get them altogether, in suitable shelving which isn’t teetering!

    • Hi there GothBarbie WOW that product is AMAZING thank you for sharing with us I’m so sick of my shoes getting dusty! I too am a shoe addict and loving it!

  3. Congrats! That is a fabulous house. The wall next to the kitchen would be perfect for a splash of black 🙂

    • I am defo thinking of making the wall on the top floor next to the bar/kitchen a dark charcoal or black colour – pics when it is done! And thank you 🙂